From a Small Town Name to LA: the Story of Jade Raylin


From a Small Town Name to LA: the Story of Jade Raylin

By Evan Arryoro By Evan Arryoro | May 24, 2022 | People Sponsored Post


The LA entertainment scene is fiercely competitive, and it is not easy to cement your spot in the industry. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and sometimes connections to reach the top, making it almost impossible for new names to join and establish their place in the space. But this hasn’t stopped fast-rising influencer and content creator Jade Raylin from making her mark. At just 18 years, Jade Raylin has successfully penetrated the LA entertainment scene to become a popular name. How did she do it? Here is her incredible story.

Growing up in the digital age, like many, Jade Raylin was introduced to technology at a young age. Jade explains that she has always loved and enjoyed content creation, which is her way of sharing bits of her story with the world, and what she has been doing for the last few years. But she didn’t think of pursuing it professionally until she met Ava Bamby, her close friend, and mentor.

Jade Raylin explains that it was through watching Ava’s content that she realized she needed to take the next step and take her passion to the next level. Jade decided to be a full-time content creator and build her online brand, using her platform to connect with her target audience.

However, like any other journey, Jade Raylin didn’t have a smooth start. When she began her professional journey as a content creator/influencer, she had just turned 18 and was quite green in the LA entertainment scene. Jade is not originally from LA, and moving to the big city from a small town made it difficult for her to find her way. The brutal competition made it even more complicated for the young dreamer to achieve her goals, as it was challenging to build her brand and grow her following.

But Jade Raylin wasn’t ready to let any of this get between her and her dreams, considering what was at stake. To follow her passion, Jade decided not to pursue college, and she moved to LA. While giving up her academic pursuits was a sacrifice, she was determined not to let that sacrifice go to waste.

Jade Raylin invested in growing her brand and started posting content more regularly, which helped her grow her reach. Today, Jade Raylin is a leading social media influencer with almost 200K followers on TikTok, 89K+ on Instagram, and more than 100K followers on Twitter.

Her content has attracted massive attention, creating room for more opportunities, and helping her cement her place in the LA entertainment scene. She says that her goal is to build a solid online brand and use her platform to share her passion. She is also looking to venture into acting.

“Acting is a path I have wanted to pursue since I was a kid, and I believe that this platform will help me make my dream a reality and show my skills to the rest of the world,” says Jade.

What started as a small-town girl’s dream is now a reality. Jade Raylin has defied all odds to cement her spot in the competitive LA scene, and she is now a popular social media influencer/creator. Her story is proof that no matter your age or financial status, no dream is too big to achieve. All you need to do is take that first step.

Photography by: Courtesy of Jade Raylin