From Dating Show to Aesthetic Medicine: Dr. Jarrett Schanzer’s Unique Love Story with Physical Attraction


From Dating Show to Aesthetic Medicine: Dr. Jarrett Schanzer's Unique Love Story with Physical Attraction

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | July 1, 2022 | Style & Beauty Sponsored Post

How does one go from leaving hospital life after three years as an anesthesiologist, to being a contestant on a dating show, to becoming a successful aesthetic medicine doctor? Ask Dr. Jarrett Schanzer! It's a love story, but not a traditional one.

Dr. Jarrett was one of sixteen contestants to participate in the NBC/USA Network dating show The Courtship, which had him take a leap of faith and a jump "back in time" to find true love. Even though Dr. Jarrett and the show’s heroine did not fall in love at first sight, participating in the show helped him find love in a very different part of his life: his career.

Prior to his network debut, Dr. Jarrett was an anesthesiologist at a hospital in Miami. His joining The Courtship meant he had to leave his job to take part in the show. When he returned to the 21st century, he didn't return to his old career. Instead, he decided to pursue his passion — starting his own aesthetic medicine practice. Like any new venture, starting his own business was a tremendous risk, but he had the drive and the skills necessary to pull it off.

One of Dr. Jarrett’s qualities that makes him fit for this profession is that he is a perfectionist. The aesthetic medicine practice requires an extreme level of detail, so being a perfectionist is a tremendous boon for him in this regard. After all, if you're going to have botox, lip fillers, or jawline fillers done, would you want someone performing the procedure on you if they don’t pay attention to the specific details required? Dr. Schanzer's artistic eye allows him to provide excellent patient care and the most natural-looking outcomes possible.

The goal of Dr. Schanzer's practice is to help people look and feel younger. He offers several services like non-surgical facelifts, butt enhancements, non-surgical liquid rhinoplasties, and anti-aging procedures. His experience and skills are second to none and show his passion for his practice. He is enthusiastic about his work to help his patients feel like the best version of themselves.

Being consistently active and skilled in using social media is another factor that helps to benefit his practice. He shares his portfolio of work and entertains followers on his Instagram account, @DoctorJarrett and @DoctorSchanzer. Having an aesthetic doctor who is proud of his work is crucial because you're dealing with your image. Unlike a lot of other procedures, aesthetic medicine isn't just functionality-oriented, it's also about how good the results look and feel for each patient.

Dr. Jarrett Schanzer's example of taking risks and pursuing his passion is a true inspiration. Critics often say that the contestants on dating shows are shallow, but that is far from the case with Dr. Jarrett Schanzer — it takes a lot of intelligence and passion to become a physician . He has managed to be successful in offering his patients extraordinary care, while simultaneously developing his own image and presence on social media.

Photography by: Dr. Jarrett Sanchezer