From Zero to $250M Plus: The Story of Self-Made Entrepreneur Derik Fay


From Zero to $250M Plus: The Story of Self-Made Entrepreneur Derik Fay

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | September 19, 2022 | People Sponsored Post


One of the most significant misconceptions about people who have succeeded in life is that everything came on a silver platter. Some people tend to believe that to succeed, you must have a rich family or substantial financial muscle to achieve your dreams and bask in the glory of success. The story of Derik Fay, a 100% self-made entrepreneur, throws that misconception out of the window through his inspirational journey of turning zero dollars into $250M plus.

Derik is a serial entrepreneur who started his journey to build massive wealth at an early age. Derik has worked his way up quietly for the last 20 years and has been the force of success behind many prosperous businesses. Fay has invested in almost every industry, such as fitness, real estate, finance, and technology.

In 2012, Derik bagged the 40 under 40 most successful entrepreneurs award. In his early 20s, he founded 3F Management and scaled it from the ground up while building and selling over thirty highly successful companies with 7–8 figure exits. In addition, the serial entrepreneur has sold companies to NASDAQ publicly traded companies and has successfully launched and grown countless personal brands as the founder and CEO from zero revenue to eight-figure publicly traded company exits.

A mentor to numerous up-and-coming entrepreneurs, Derik has employed over 20,000 employees and has assisted hundreds of companies in negotiating and helping in mergers, hostile takeovers, and board deadlocks. He currently serves as a shadow CEO to assist in the high-level C-suite growth of companies.

"I came from an impoverished and abusive childhood on my mother's side and had no assistance any step of the way. I did not finish college, and I'm 100% self-taught. I learned through self-education, trial and error, failure, and persistence. This gave me a foundation of appreciation for what I have, and the drive to help as many people as possible so no one has to feel hopeless or poor," shares Derik.

Derik doesn’t perceive money as an indicator of your ability or the kind of person you are. He firmly believes that his success is not exceptional. "Wealth comes with too much-implied power, respect, and credibility, which is often abused to enrich wealthy people further. I believe anyone can do what I have done," Derik adds.

A venture capitalist, Derik has a burning urge to set a new precedent about what success looks like. He advises that as a successful person, you also need to demonstrate the power of humility and give back to the world around you. Derik is on a mission to create a learning or mentorship environment for people with zero experience to get the opportunity to interact and learn from seasoned executives.

“My greatest passion is to have the opportunity to dismiss the braggadocious social media success tellers, those telling the world that you are a failure unless you fly private and have a mansion. I want to demonstrate the power of unity,” asserts Derik.

Though Derik continues to grow his brand day by day, he aspires to partner with, mentor, and bridge the success gap for entrepreneurs and businesses that have the desire to succeed. He looks forward to sharing the feeling of success with many people who would like to participate in his mentorship.

Derik Fay can be reached:
Instagram: @derikfay

Photography by: Courtesy of Derik Fay