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1 - Gabrielle Bernstein 'May Cause Miracles'
Gabrielle Bernstein

At 25-years-old, Gabrielle Bernstein was a self-proclaimed "publicist and party girl," making nightly rounds on the New York City social scene, battling addiction, and standing on the edge of total self destruction. Now a New York Times best-selling author and Oprah-approved motivational speaker, Bernstein credits exploring her spirituality for her positive life change. Lately, she’s been traveling the country giving lectures on confronting deep-rooted fears and making small, daily changes to lead a better life. Much of her spiritual curriculum can be found in her new book, May Cause Miracles, a 40-day guidebook to happiness. We chatted with Bernstein while she was in town last week for the Miami launch of May Cause Miracles to learn more about her 40-day plan.

How did you develop the 40-day plan in May Cause Miracles?
GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN: I have been practicing these principles in my own life for seven and a half years. I believe in 40-day practices because they encourage repetition and repetition is what makes change stick. Repetition of behavior really makes permanent change.

Are there any special tools a person needs to complete the program?
GB: All you really need to complete this book is the willingness to see things differently, everything else will fall into place. The elements of prep work include having your own space, being prepared to meditate, having a journal.

What’s your definition of a “miracle”?
GB: Miracles are really just a shift in perception. This book finds miracles in the subtleties, adding them up and experiencing a new way of life.

What’s your theory on New Year's Resolutions?
GB: I think a lot of times people make lofty decisions and they don't know how to keep it going. This book really helps you stay in the container of creating change. Every morning you need to wake up with that willingness that will help you get back into the gym, stick your goals, and stay in the commitment.

What’s next for you?
GB: I would love to bring my work to television. Whether having a show or being a guest on someone else's show, I really feel like that's the next direction for my career.

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