Getting Started: Cooking With CBD Oil


Getting Started: Cooking With CBD Oil

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CBD is gaining popularity across the United States for a variety of reasons and through a variety of consumption methods. The food industry has not waited to jump on the band wagon. From infused gummies and edibles on the market, to making your own tasty creations with CBD oil, this holistic health elixir is here to stay. One of the best ways to embrace and take advantage of the many health benefits of CBD with an added bit of flare, is to incorporate CBD oil into your favorite foods or drinks. This is especially ideal for seniors looking to utilize CBD, as you can control your consumption to the fullest from start to finish.

The idea of CBD-infused foods may not sound delicious to you, but it definitely can be. A “hempy” aftertaste or flavor isn’t always included, depending on how you use CBD in your cooking. Here are some tips and tricks to making your CBD consumption just as tasty as it is functional.

Choosing the Right CBD Product

The first, and possibly most important thing to consider, is the quality of your CBD oil product. Many CBD products have label claims that don’t always match up with what you actually get inside the bottle. Always turn to products that are backed by third-party lab test results to ensure quality and potency. When cooking with CBD you are going to use an oil, so making sure your product has as many milligrams of active ingredient as claimed is key. When starting to cook with CBD oil, starting with a small amount and eventually adding to it or building up your dose over time is the best way to begin.

There are CBD products made specifically for cooking, like olive-oil that has been pre-infused. However, most any CBD oil can be added to the oils you already use for cooking. With pre-made products as well as pure oils and tinctures, always pay attention to milligram amount of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids as well as pass or fail on pesticide and solvent tests.

Don’t Overheat Your Oil

When using CBD for cooking always be cautious of the amount of heat you are using, whether on a stove top or in an oven. Excessive heat can cause CBD compounds to evaporate, meaning the potency of the product is lost. The boiling point of cannabinoids is between 320 and 356 degrees F, so be sure not to exceed that temperature, airing on the side of caution you should stay below 320 degrees F. One option for CBD and cooking, specifically baking, is to add the CBD oil after the heating portion is finished to get the most out of the product. For example, drizzle your CBD oil to the top your baked goods.

Always Incorporate Healthy Fats

CBD is fat-soluble, meaning that your body absorbs it best and fastest when paired with a fat-containing food. Cannabinoids are really drawn to fats, so using a carrier like olive, coconut or avocado oil as a base is your best option for home-made. To take full advantage and not waste any of the effects of CBD, combine it with some sort of fat or grease, leaning towards healthy fats like the base oils listed above.

The Best Foods to Begin With

Although studies on CBD are still in the early stages, there has yet to be any scientific research done on the effects of combining CBD with alcohol. It may be fun to experiment with cocktails, it is always good to be mindful of your intake.

It is always safe to start cooking with CBD starting with something you are already familiar and comfortable with. For example, if you make a salad from home and sprinkle on some dressing, add some CBD to the dressing or add it directly on top. Another great way to start is to add CBD oil to a smoothie or your coffee, in sauces like pesto or added to a reduction over steak or seafood. Another easy way to start is to add CBD oil to a brownies or baked good with the oil used in the recipe. Again, be mindful of temperature. Here is an easy Strawberry Banana CBD Smoothie recipe to get your started!

Strawberry Banana CBD Smoothie:


-1 cup peeled frozen banana

-1/2 cup frozen strawberries

-1 cup vanilla almond milk (or regular milk or other dairy alternative)

-1 teaspoon honey

-4-5 ice cubes

-1 milliliter unflavored CBD oil (a bit less than half a teaspoon)

-1/8 cup hemp hearts (optional)


-Blend the banana, strawberry, almond milk and ice in blender until smooth. Add in the honey and continue to blend.

-Add unflavored CBD oil and hemp hearts (optional) and blend a little bit more.

-Pour smoothie into a tall glass, garnish with a few more hemp hearts if you please, and enjoy!

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