Greedy Growth Is On A Mission To Become The Top Social Media Agency


Greedy Growth Is On A Mission To Become The Top Social Media Agency

| April 20, 2021 | Sponsored Post


In the advertising industry, much has shifted over the last few years. In many ways, the same principles have continued, with the same behavioural science behind marketing itself. However, the platforms and mediums in which these ads are displayed to consumers has changed.

Instead of print, brands now see a much higher return on digital advertising. Furthermore, social media. Social media is a goldmine to advertisers and brands alike, and provides just as much fulfillment to those scrolling through and consuming content on it. Nowadays, when we think of putting an advertisement out, our first thought is a social media ad.

This is exactly what the advertising agency Greedy Growth aims to capitalize upon. Founded in 2018, Greedy Growth set out with the intention of becoming an industry leader, and is well on its way to becoming this. With a successful history of clients like Burnley FC’s footballer Joel Mumbongo, Greedy Growth takes pride in best leveraging social media to provide amazing results for their clients.

The problem that many brands face is that whilst their target audience is out there on social media, they have no effective way to reach them, simply due to the lack of knowledge of how to, which is the gap that Greedy Growth seeks to fill.

Greedy Growth describes itself as an agency that ‘helps brands tell their stories on social media and connect with their target audience at scale’. On their own Instagram, @greedygrowth, you can find content giving tips and advice on social media strategies, clearly demonstrating their understanding of how to effectively market on social media, something that a lot of digital agencies get caught up on.

The social media agency Greedy Growth was founded by entrepreneur Laurence Moss, who has been recognized by Forbes on multiple occasions, and heads up a team within Greedy Growth that work together to provide everything from social listening to page management on the Instagram platform.

Social media usage is only on the rise, and covid was testimony to this, as everyone took to their devices during lockdown. It only makes sense that an agency like Greedy Growth that understand social media so well will rise with it.

You can contact Greedy Growth by visiting their website.

Photography by: Greedy Growth