Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer: From Humble Beginnings to Becoming a Leading Entrepreneur


Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer: From Humble Beginnings to Becoming a Leading Entrepreneur

| April 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


The world of equestrian sports is not the first place many would expect to find a successful entrepreneur. But in recent years the equine sporting industry has become a haven for ambitious entrepreneurs hoping to invest and make a profit. The avenues of revenue within the equestrian industry are varied and far-reaching— from running a stud farm to becoming a professional trainer. Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer is an entrepreneur who has found success within the world of the equestrian industry.

From humble beginnings, Ghadayer has risen to become a leader in equestrian entrepreneurship. Ghadayer has been a trainer and owner of horses that have competed in several championships throughout the United Arab Emirates and Gulf countries. Ghadayer shares that his business aspirations have always gone beyond just the race track. Through his equestrian career, Ghadayer has established himself as an ambitious entrepreneur, the management and investment of successful racehorses see him build a profitable empire with every horse he trains. Of his ambition and commitment to being an advantageous entrepreneur, Ghadayer says, “I have always felt that there is no point in pursuing a goal without the attitude that you will do anything to achieve it. If you have determination then success will follow.”

Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer shares that he feels a sense of pride in finding entrepreneurial success within the world of horse and camel racing. Ghadayer explains that horse and camel racing is more than just a sport, it is an important part of the Emirati culture and heritage. Ghadayer’s ascent within the business world began within the rich tapestry of horse and camel racing. His first brushes with success were through his prestigious racing wins, such as the victory of his horse Jumeirah Palm Star who won with odds of 14-1 in July 2012. When discussing his transition from trainer to entrepreneur, Ghadayer says, “Even as a trainer, I have always held the ideals of an entrepreneur such as dedication and determination, so I found the transition between the two to be a smooth one.”

It is clear that humble beginnings need not keep anyone from lucrative opportunities when all it takes to become a leading entrepreneur in your chosen field is will and determination.

Photography by: Hamad Rashed Bin Ghadayer