HighLine Classics' Coyote Builds: A 2021 Mechanically-Upgraded Beast Preserved in its Original Style


HighLine Classics' Coyote Builds: A 2021 Mechanically-Upgraded Beast Preserved in its Original Style

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The Classic Ford Bronco had a reputation for being a tough vehicle that could handle anything you threw at it. Its modern trim and unique sport features developed a tribe of loyal fans over the years. When Ford recently announced it was re-releasing a 2021 model of the Bronco, Ford enthusiasts met the news with great enthusiasm. Already, demand has skyrocketed with Ford reporting a backlog of orders until 2022. But many collectors aren’t concerned with the re-release, and instead are investing time in the reconditioned, original models.

HighLine Classics’ has capitalized on this trend, quickly becoming one of the top American Restoration Shops of 1966-1977 Classic Ford Broncos. Specializing in classic styling with modern technology and reliability, HighLine Classics has become known for their Coyote Builds, pairing a brand new fuel injected Ford Racing Coyote Mustang Engine with over 400HP to an overdrive Automatic Transmission or a modern 5-speed manual. HighLine Classics tells us more about their refurbished models.

What's a Coyote Build?

A Coyote Build is a complete frame-off body restoration, with new everything! But its heart and soul is the Mustang Coyote Engine. The concept came about from Bronco owners and shops wanting to replace the standard 302 carbureted V8, with a modern Ford V8, that runs cooler, is more reliable, and provides amazing power. The result; 400+HP of smooth, usable power that just flat out works. But installing them is no easy feat. The Coyote is much larger than the stock Bronco engine, requires lots of fabrication, special parts, and extensive wiring. This is exactly what the HighLine Classics team has been specializing in for years, and their Coyote swap is considered one of the industry's best.

Dollar Value Comparison

HighLine Classics is rated as one of the top five Bronco shops in the world. With an Instagram feed packed with pictures of their current and past work, they’ve developed a devoted follower base. HighLine Classics founder and CEO, Josh Dougherty, says when it comes to many Coyote builds, pricing at other shops starts around $200K, with some builds exceeding the $350K mark. However, at HighLine Classics, Coyote Builds start at $149k. Dougherty says they’re fortunate to have a shop in a rural area with less overhead, and they’ve figured out how to build high-quality Broncos for less, and then pass that savings onto the customer. They also don’t shoot for huge ridiculous margins, but instead, collect a profit that’s fair for both parties. The brands strong reputation alongside their economic prices for a Coyote swap and restoration sets HighLine Classics above most other Bronco shops.

Classic Restoration with a Modern Twist

Car collectors can attest to the uniqueness of an original Ford Bronco; however, the outdated technology of the Bronco is what can also make the engines a challenge to run and maintain. With HighLine, they say it isn't just about ensuring your Bronco runs. They want to make it run and drive like a new car. A recent exploration has resulted in a new project for HighLine Classics — outfitting an electric motor into a Bronco. This approach, they say, will help market it as a sustainable vehicle for those environmentally conscious collectors. It shows how HighLine Classics enjoys pushing the envelope as far as possible with the Ford Bronco as they continue to innovate.

Photography by: HighLine Classics