Horus Straps, an Innovative Company in the Luxury Watches Space Reaches 130 Stores


Horus Straps, an Innovative Company in the Luxury Watches Space Reaches 130 Stores

| April 12, 2021 | Style & Beauty Sponsored Post


Horus Watch Straps is a premium luxury watch straps company that provides modernized straps for popular luxury watch brands. Since its inception in 2014, Horus has revolutionized the watch straps market with its exciting range of products developed with an unsurpassed taste for impeccable ergonomic design. Horus watch straps are made and designed to fit luxurious Swiss-made watches such as Rolex, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Ross, Tag Heuer, Bell, and Breitling. The company is at the forefront of bringing aesthetically designed watch straps for premium watches. With a strong commitment towards design and engineering, Horus has been able to usher in a new age of the premium luxury watch culture.

Horus Watch Straps initially started as an eCommerce website, offering its strikingly colorful watch straps for premium luxury watch brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, and Tag Heuer. Mark, the founder of Horus, stated that he had realized two critical things early on in creating the brand. One is that Instagram had the potential to be a powerful marketing tool. Secondly, rich red and vibrant blue leather straps had the potential to go viral when marketed properly. With an emphasis on social media, mainly Instagram as their primary marketing medium, their first-ever product was the bright blue suede strap on an Audemars Piguet watch. Horus gained more recognition after their bright blue, bright red, lime green, and Camo-themed straps went viral, capturing the attention of celebrities. Michael Strahan was the first-ever celebrity to represent the Horus brand. Since then, many others have jumped on the bandwagon and expressed their liking for Horus watch straps.

Horus Watch Straps has now grown into a global company with over 130 stores serving their customers with stylish and comfortable watch straps that are prototyped and tested at the highest engineering levels. Horus' success is attributed to its material engineering and prototyping capabilities in developing new and unique straps. Their products are of the highest quality and they are so confident in their offering that they give their customers lifetime warranty on their products.

They feel proud and fortunate to be able to complement some of the best luxury watch brands in the industry. Horus watch straps provide a way to showcase the uniqueness of every individual. The straps are easy to remove and replace, thus making it possible for luxury watch owners to alternate between many stylish watch straps, depending on occasions. With market tastes and preferences changing rapidly in the watch industry, Horus has partnered with fashion icons such as Johnny Dang, Elianttle, A Jewellers to keep up with trends in the fashion industry that greatly influence the watch industry. With physical stores remaining the destination for customers to experience the stylish straps and make purchases, Horus is paying more attention to expanding its number of physical outlets. Buyers are highly selective when it comes to purchasing watch straps for luxury high-end watches and this is why physical stores bridge the gap between the manufacturer and customers.

The growing demand for customized watches, especially the Swiss collections among fashion and watch enthusiasts is gradually becoming mainstream. Everyone wants to own customized Swiss watches that express their personality and style.

Horus plans to work on expanding its distribution partnerships and collaborations to better serve customers. With its creativity, innovation, and marketing prowess, Horus is setting itself up for more success in the future.

Photography by: Horus Watch