How Alec Henry Helped Almost 2,000 Businesses Succeed in Less Than 2 Years


How Alec Henry Helped Almost 2,000 Businesses Succeed in Less Than 2 Years

by Evan Arroyo by Evan Arroyo | May 7, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


A successful business is premised on the successful combination of great ideas, proper planning, and impeccable execution. Many businesses around the world shut down long before they realize their potential. Before entrepreneurs try to figure out a way to fight the situation, the business already moved to bankruptcy if the prior decisions have been made poorly. The only solution to save a business at its budding stage is to follow expert advice to make it grow. Alec Henry, an entrepreneur, business influencer, bestselling author, business coach, international speaker, and consultant offers web tools to help businesses stay afloat and grow.

Alec Henry founded and co-owns, a digital media agency that uses web-based systems to generate revenue for accelerating the growth of the company. The person who owns also owns other companies that include real estate agency, law firm, accounting firm, and consulting company. Coming from a modest family, Alec had to work really hard to reach where he is today. All of his success is the result of endless trials and errors that his business has been through over the years. Now he shares all of his hard-earned knowledge and experience on to help other businesses grow.

Currently, Alec Henry has coached more than 2000 businesses to find their firm footing in the business world. He believes that anyone can work hard to improve their situation. He believes that every entrepreneur should identify three major things before venturing into a business to know if it will work. First of all the entrepreneur must find out if the business caters to a need in society. This will help in recognizing the demand for the business that will generate revenue in the future. Secondly, the entrepreneur should know how to sell and satisfy clients and finally, the product or service offered by the business should satisfy the client and be good enough to earn a recommendation from them.

In order to sell a business, an entrepreneur must know how to approach, whom to approach, where to sell, and when to pitch the offer. This process often requires a knowledgeable business partner to advise on necessary strategies to get the best deal. In the last few months, Alec Henry has coached more than 1500 entrepreneurs through the French-speaking entrepreneur community, These businesses belong to diverse channels like wealth management firms, loan brokers, law firms, insurers, and other service providers.

Alec Henry believes that all businesses have different requirements and that one size doesn't fit all. Starting from online advertising to sales funnels and market exposure, every business needs separate consultation. For this, the business coach must be adept in all situations to share his real-life knowledge and experiences.

If a business coach doesn't have the credibility or experience to overcome a similar business hurdle his advice to a business will be of little value. The entrepreneur must see if the advice will actually yield fruitful results in the future or will not be worth trying.

Being shy and introverted from childhood, Alec Henry worked hard on improving himself to become a business coach, influencer, and speaker. He has also written a book 'Business: 13 Laws for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur' where he has shared his life lessons to guide budding entrepreneurs before they venture into a business.

Alec feels that a business with a great idea that works to cater to a market need will rise with just a little nudge. All that is required is a brilliant strategy to bring it into the limelight. And, what better place than to talk about it and get advice from successful business coaches.

Photography by: Alec Henry