How Bossy Baddies NFT continues to make Real-Life Positive Impact on Women


How Bossy Baddies NFT continues to make Real-Life Positive Impact on Women

By Evan Arryoro By Evan Arryoro | May 19, 2022 | Lifestyle Sponsored Post


The NFT industry has continued to gain momentum in the last few years. It is no surprise to see many brands and NFT enthusiasts venture into this space to explore more opportunities. To this end, the era of web3 technology is expected to take this industry to a new level in the coming years. Quite notable on this list is Bossy Baddies NFT, a project designed to help foster female entrepreneurship by partnering with charity associations.

Bossy Baddies NFT is the brainchild of Lauren Norden, a marketing and brand strategist, advocate for women in business, and web3 enthusiast. The gender gap in the industry had spurred her interest in this innovative project- making her strive to bridge the conspicuous gap. Making a mark in the NFT industry, particularly in the Web3 sector, a male-dominated space, was not easy. She realized how competitive it could be but was confident about her reason for launching Bossy Baddies. She quickly put together a team of NFT experts, entailing- NFT enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and marketing experts to execute the idea.

Lauren's husband, Erik Norden, an entrepreneur-investor and blockchain enthusiast, is a partner in this project. 0xFocus, a renowned name in the NFT industry, is the advisor to Bossy Baddies. The team continues to work relentlessly to impact the lives of female entrepreneurs across the globe. The project not only showcases inspirational art with an impact but goes beyond it to let the world know about women's power. As a project powered by women dedicated to women, Bossy Baddies sets an example of how women can revolutionize the metaverse and take the digital market by storm.

As a testimony to her impact, Bossy Baddies NFT has earned a staggering follower base of over 14k on Twitter. The project has more than 5k members on the Discord and over 500 filled whitelist spots. Bossy Baddies has partnered with three charity associations to advance the project, namely the Association of Women's Business Centers, Ibu Foundation, and Global Education Philanthropists. Around 15 percent of the minted amount from Bossy Baddies supports real-life Bossy Baddies or aspiring women entrepreneurs to impact their industry profoundly.

The best creative minds, industry leaders, and influencers have teamed up to make Bossy Baddies a groundbreaking project in the NFT space. The team understands what women go through and recognize the hurdles women must overcome to break ground and make traction in today's world. The project therefore aims to extend unwavering support to women entrepreneurs by allowing them to pursue their passions and positively impact the world.

Unlike other projects in the NFT industry that are limited to static art, Bossy Baddies NFT sets a new standard through gender equality and making a real-life positive impact on women. The project is here to support women in their struggle both in and out of the Web3 space, focusing on charity.

Photography by: Courtesy of Bossy Baddies