How Dr. Jonathan Kaplan of BuildMyBod Health Is Changing Plastic Surgery Forever


How Dr. Jonathan Kaplan of BuildMyBod Health Is Changing Plastic Surgery Forever

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Plastic surgery is a field with a lot of competition. However, this should be expected. Globe NewsWire mentions that the industry is on track to reach almost $67 billion by 2026. Every once in a while, a personality comes along in an industry that not only defines its best aspects but aids its development significantly. Dr. Jonathan Kaplan is a perfect example of an individual like this in the cosmetic surgery industry. Here, we explore his story and his contributions.

From Louisiana to San Francisco

Dr. Kaplan was born and raised in Louisiana. He attended medical school in New Orleans and then undertook his plastic surgery training at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic. He then became an employed physician at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. From there, he went off to San Francisco to take over a private practice in the city. In a stroke of marketing genius, Dr. Kaplan renamed the business he took over as Pacific Heights Plastic Surgery, enticing people to attend a clinic that was named after one of the most well-respected regions in San Francisco. However, this wasn't the end of his marketing genius by a long shot.

Using Social Media to Bolster Following

Social media is one of the best ways for small and medium businesses to impact their followers. As Ad Glow mentions, social media is a useful tool to create an avid following among a core audience. Dr. Kaplan utilized Instagram to get a following that made his practice well-known throughout the city. Before long, people were coming from far and wide to experience his work. Additionally, Dr. Kaplan was responsible for developing and implementing the SIMI neck lift, leaving his permanent mark in the industry.

Moving Into a Support Role

Dr. Kaplan didn't stop at being a doctor, however. His skills extended to other areas. He was recently involved in putting together a lead generation engine that plastic surgeons could use to get in contact with patients. The BuildMyBod Health system also allows for an AI-powered chatbot to ensure that patients get the care they need from an administrative perspective. On top of that, the clients have the benefit of a transparent price-checking tool that allows them to find the best physicians for their pockets. As with all of Dr. Kaplan's undertakings, the secret ingredient is value.

Changing an Industry a Bit at a Time

It's true that the people most qualified to bring about change in an industry are those who experience it firsthand. Dr. Kaplan is a perfect example of someone who's seen what an enterprise can offer and how it can be improved. His innovations in both the SIMI neck lift technique for minimally-invasive plastic surgery and the development of the BuildMyBod Health system both contribute immensely to the field. We'll likely see a lot more of him in the coming years.

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