From Humble Beginnings to Top Dentist in Houston, How Dr. Mike Tran Built Floss Dental


From Humble Beginnings to Top Dentist in Houston, How Dr. Mike Tran Built Floss Dental

| March 25, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,


Dr. Mike Tran is the owner of Floss Dental, the fastest growing dental retail brand based in Houston. The success behind their massive growth is that they promise a new experience in dental health to every patient they treat. Dr. Mike Tran is one of the top dentists in Houston who is also a top 1% Invisalign seller and specializes in veneers. He is willing to offer the best dental solution to anyone no matter what the problem is. As a result, his brand is growing in leaps and bounds with around 12 offices in North Texas. The company is planning to expand nationwide and will soon be opening offices in Georgia, Ohio, and US Virgin Islands.

Dr. Mikes tasted success after fighting many hardships in life. His family migrated to the U.S from Vietnam to escape the endless war that led to communist control. Born in a refugee camp on July 6, 1981, Michael Tran learned to deal with poverty. In U.S his father initially worked as a landscaper and his mother a maid before they saved every last penny to start a dry cleaning business.

Michael Tran graduated in 1999 from Dulles High School in Sugar Land, Texas. He moved on to study Business Management at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. During this time, he started managing his family's dry cleaning business to have practical experience in business management. This experience gave him an edge over his peers. He also bagged a prestigious internship at Yale University where he was able to interact and learn from C-level executives managing large corporations.

He always wanted to grow in the medical field because of his deep-rooted desire to heal people. So, when he got an opportunity to study dentistry at Howard College of Dentistry he immediately grabbed it. He soon found his forte in the field and went on study at the Houston Advanced Education in General Dentistry AEGD. He soon became the president of the student council and also received the “Smart Resident” award as the best critical thinker.

He enrolled himself for a week-long course on surgery with Hiossen and Dr. Lastimado at AEGD. His understanding of the craft was so amazing that he was soon offered the position of faculty to conduct live impact surgery courses at Floss Dental.

Dr. Mike Tran wanted to start his clinic where he could help patients with his innovative ways without having to follow a pre-decided protocol. His dream took shape when he found help from Dr. Clint Herzog who discovered a dental office was closing down at Magnolia due to failed partnership. He breathed life into this office to start Floss Dental.

His dedication combined with his experience created several happy patients who went on to recommend Floss Dental to their friends and family. As the brand grew gradually, Dr. Mike Tran was able to move to a better office in Magnolia. Since then there has been no looking back. At present Dental Floss has its headquarter in Houston. The brand started growing exponentially under the able guidance of Dr. Mike Tran and his wife. Dental Floss promises a great experience to every patient and this has set them apart from the rest of the industry.

Photography by: Mike Tran