How King Palm Innovated Tobacco-Free Alternatives to Traditional Blunt Wraps


How King Palm Innovated Tobacco-Free Alternatives to Traditional Blunt Wraps

by Karishhma Ashwin by Karishhma Ashwin | April 5, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Few plants in the world cause as many problems as tobacco does. Smoking tobacco kills one person every six seconds. Growing it leads to environmental damage due to bad cultivation practices. It doesn’t help that all that fertile land is used for growing tobacco instead of food. Neither tobacco users nor the small growers benefit from it.

Tobacco doesn’t hurt only the people who are addicted to its main active ingredient, nicotine. Tobacco is often mixed as filler materials in joints, which is a common practice in Europe. However, in the United States, the blunt wrap is the main culprit for putting people who’re not looking to start a tobacco addiction into harm's way.

King Palm is a company that wants to give blunt lovers an alternative to tobacco wraps. They’ve gone the extra mile in keeping the production of the wraps and related products not only environmentally friendly but also good for the people who supply the leaves to them.

The leaves were the starting point of the innovation arc that led to King Palm’s popularity. The task at hand was to find a plant product that has the qualities that make it a good substitute for tobacco. Mostly, it had to be a slow-burning leaf in a good size, sourced from all-natural growers; no toxic fertilizers and no artificial flavorings were allowed.

The company settled on Cordia leaves because they fit the bill perfectly. After a series of quality control measures and improvements, King Palm had their tobacco-free blunt wrap material. The company designed their pre-rolled blunts for ease of use so that anyone can pack it with as much herb as can fit in the roll.

But to get to the point where its product is so easy to pack, King Palm again had to innovate. For one, they decided to forgo the traditional plastic straw tool that’s frequently used for packing blunts and include bamboo packing sticks with their blunts for a much favorable environmental impact.

The company also added a corn-husk filter to their wraps. The filter not only prevents plant material from getting into a person’s mouth when using the blunt, but it also comes with enough give for people to squeeze it so that they can moderate airflow for an easier or more difficult drag. Plus, it’s biodegradable.

The fact that the corn-husk filter is squeezable came in handy when King Palm introduced its newest innovation for blunt flavoring. A small flavor ball was embedded in the filter and is activated when squeezed, releasing a delicious flavor.

Finally, King Palm doesn’t want their products to become stale, so they’ve packed their blunt wraps with humidity-control packets. That way, the company can be sure that the customers are getting their money’s worth of tobacco-free blunt wraps, ensuring that all the innovation that went into making them just the way they are isn’t wasted. The company’s growing market presence is the best proof of how much their customers appreciate it.

Photography by: King Palm