How Matthew J Phillips Is Creating Fame For Business Owners And Influencers In The UK, Miami And Beyond!


How Matthew J Phillips Is Creating Fame For Business Owners And Influencers In The UK, Miami And Beyond!

By: Karishhma Ashwin By: Karishhma Ashwin | May 17, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Matthew J Phillips is 20 years old, and a rising UK influencer turned businessman. Despite his age, he’s nailed his name to the minds of business owners and influencers alike on his journey of helping them grow their personal and professional brands.


Hailing from Cardiff, South Wales, Matthew J Phillips is the Founder of Organic Clients, an education company for coaches and consultants looking to grow and scale their businesses without shelling out for expensive ad campaigns. He’s also the Co-Founder of the top-rated Organic Clients Agency, a done-for-you branding agency founded to grow and solidify brands through press publishing and audience growth.

Matthew grew up in a middle-class family in the most poverty stricken area of South Wales and while he’s described his upbringing as “fortunate”, he also realised early on that the mindsets of those around him - even those closest to him - wouldn’t help him reach the success he craved.

At 16, Matthew began documenting his fitness journey on his Instagram after his physical transformation received over one million views driving him over 50,000 organic followers. This led to him leaving school and becoming a qualified personal trainer and fitness influencer, from here his claim to fame amongst business owners and influencers begins.

His early foray into fitness coaching led to the creation of Organic Clients, where his company helps coaches and consultants land clients predictably and organically. Through Organic Clients, Matthew co-founded the Organic Clients Agency alongside systems specialist, Sam L Wright.

This specialist agency - ran out of the UK - handles all press requirements of 6, mostly 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs and influencers not just across Miami but on a global scale too. Case in point, they’ve served clients from inner city London to suburban Washington, their reach extending as far as Sweden, South Africa and Australia, too - and the list keeps getting longer.

They handle the writing, pitching and publishing within news sites like Forbes, Vogue, New York Times and Entrepreneur - the whole nine yards, guaranteeing publishing. This, all in the name of branding. Many clients reportedly cash out 10-20k for one of their most popular bundles.

According to Matthew publishing in these prestigious outlets opens up a huge opportunity for business owners to gain the stamp of approval from authoritative, industry-leading sites and for influencers to attract brands with large advertising budgets - leading to lifelong credibility and unbreakable leverage to excel their business and brand. Their clients are split down the middle with many looking for the stamp of approval to shift more sales and the other half looking to gain notability, fame, or clout, for various reasons of their own, some peculiar he says.

Whatever the reason, if PR is what you need, Matthew J Phillips has built a track record of delivering for the entrepreneurs and influencers of the “magic city” Miami.

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