Here’s How Model Laura Iafrate Is Leading the Fight Against Human Trafficking in Latin America


Here's How Model Laura Iafrate Is Leading the Fight Against Human Trafficking in Latin America

by Karishhma Ashwin by Karishhma Ashwin | April 2, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Human trafficking is a huge issue that affects people around the globe. In 2012, it was estimated that there were 20.9 million human trafficking victims. 1.8 million of them come from Latin America. These people are often overlooked and forgotten. Laura Iafrate is a model whose passion is preventing human trafficking of minors in Latin America.


Laura Iafrate was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She saw the impact of human trafficking at a young age and was vigilant about staying safe. Once she got a little older, she knew she wanted to help these victims and prevent any new minors from being kidnapped and sold. “It’s a cause that’s very near and dear to my heart,” said Iafrate. “I can’t stop thinking about how many people this sick practice has affected.” Iafrate participated in GSN UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in Mexico in 2019, which allowed her to speak and teach people about the issues Latin Americans face regarding trafficking. She has also worked with religious leaders, the business community, and politicians to make policy changes to protect human trafficking victims and bring them home. She also gives lectures, making her an important voice in the campaign to draw awareness to human trafficking in Latin America and throughout the world. “I know that we can really bring down cases of this issue if we’re willing to make laws to help children in this position.”

In addition to her humanitarian work, Laura Iafrate has represented top brands in her modeling career like Angel Sánchez, Rosa Clara, and Custo Barcelona. She’s a fashion lover and influencer who inspires women to believe in themselves. “I believe that you can live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while being yourself. You can be a wife, mother, or entrepreneur and still take care of yourself, eat healthily, and exercise. It’s difficult, but I’m living proof that it’s not impossible.” Iafrate advocates for being healthy in a realistic way. In addition to cooking at home, she still goes to restaurants with her husband and enjoys a good glass of wine. “Healthily live your life, but don’t stifle yourself. You want to be happy above all else, and sometimes that means going out to eat and ordering fries.”

Human trafficking is a horrible phenomenon. With help from people like Laura Iafrate, we might be able to prevent these tragedies and keep children safe, once and for all.

Photography by: Laura Iafrate