The Ultimate Guide to Staying Fit in the Magic City

By Lauren Epstein | June 30, 2017 | Culture Feature

In a place like Miami, where top models strut the streets and beach season is year-round, staying on your fitness A game isn’t just a priority—it’s a requirement. Luckily, our city makes it easy with top-of-the-line gyms and studios that assemble the nation’s fiercest trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, and world-class wellness services. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to work for it. Ocean Drive takes an exclusive look inside the fitness hot spots sculpting Magic City beach bods.

The country’s most elite gym expands its Miami presence.


What’s new: A gorgeous and massive 34,000-square-foot, three-story space at Brickell Heights. Putting a South Florida spin on the Equinox design, the Brickell Heights facility incorporates an outdoor pool with cabanas and a wraparound deck with stunning ocean views.

The focus: Innovative fitness classes, unrivaled personal training, and luxury amenities.

Perks: Full service spas, salons, kids’ clubs, cycling studios, Pilates studios, and more.

Hottest trainer: Giovanni Roselli. A master trainer and educator for Nike, Roselli is the creator of the Equinox signature class, Fully Loaded, a 45-minute session that challenges you to move weights in all directions—instead of only linearly—for 360 degrees of movement.

Fitness philosophy: “None of us want to be in pain and we all want the best quality of life possible,” says Roselli. “My approach revolves around these two goals. Once these become a priority, all other fitness intentions and aspirations fall right into place.”

Go-to exercise: The Turkish Get-Up. “It’s a full-body exercise second to none that incorporates stability and mobility in a variety of functional, loaded positions,” Roselli explains.

Book it: Tier X. Available at the Coral Gables club, Tier X is the next level in personal training. You’ll get a coach rather than a traditional trainer, who will give you an extensive assessment including body composition index, postural analysis, and metabolic rate measurement to create a personalized lifestyle management program guaranteed to get results. Visit for locations.

The competition—and trainers—are fierce at this cult-following cycling-and-barre boutique.


The focus: Cycling and barre classes with a competitive edge.

Special stats: With FlyWheel’s groundbreaking TechPacks attached to each bike, riders can track and share their real-time performance with other riders on the in-stadium TorqBoard. Be prepared for a little friendly rivalry. After class, the data uploads to clients’ personal profiles so they can one-up themselves week after week.

What’s new: High-performance bikes feature extra-smooth pedaling, new TechPack placement for easy visibility, and a new handlebar reach setting. Ride on!

Don’t miss: The music. Each workout is based around a specially-curated playlist created by a FlyWheel instructor to boost morale and fuel your energy.

Hottest trainer: Nicole Hoskens. Don’t let the girly-girl exterior fool you. Hoskens is known as a powerhouse and entertainer—she’ll leave you feeling stronger and more confident after every workout.

Book it: Hoskens says do it all! “The wheel and barre classes are meant to complement each other. I think when people just take wheel, they miss that toning opportunity. And when people just take barre, they miss that calorie burn and cardio effect.”

Pump-up playlist: “Everybody loves Beyoncé!” says Hoskens. “And everyone loves a little throwback.” 1919 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, 305-763-8227; 14861 Biscayne Blvd., North Miami, 305-901-1860

Inside one of South Beach’s most luxurious hotels, a playground for functional-fitness fanatics awaits.


The space: A 14,000-square-foot grown-up jungle gym, complete with custom obstacles, a climbing rope wall, monkey bars, outdoor workout areas, and an oceanfront yoga platform.

The focus: Functional movement that will strengthen you for life, with Pilates, yoga, and meditation classes to boot.

Special stats: The facility is the first-ever Spartan Gym, created in partnership with Spartan Race, the world’s leading obstacle-race company.

Hottest trainer: Lawrence Sikorski, a former United States Marine turned fitness pro and MC2 model—what more could you ask for? Catch him in action as he does the Magic City proud on NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.

Fitness philosophy: “It’s not about trying to be someone else’s best, but being yours,” Sikorski says. “Change your mind, change your body. Fitness in failure is a beautiful thing.”

Go-to workout: For Sikorski, it’s “the power burpee: Chest to the ground, push up, pop up, jump to a pullup bar, straight into a muscle up, then…gorilla sprints!”

Book it: The Spartan Weekend experience. Test your limits with a set of challenging training classes and programs over the course of a weekend that will help you find your inner soldier. The package includes a choice of a guestroom or suite at the 1 Hotel, recovery sessions, sundown celebrations, and Spartan community gatherings to keep you balanced. 2341 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 305-604-1000

Sports science and nightlife veterans create a fitness and wellness wonderland unlike any other.


The focus: Sweat, enhance, and recover with scientifically based high-tech services.

Special stats: Aside from personal training, private Pilates, and group classes, Anatomy at 1220 offers a host of innovative wellness and beauty treatments. Pump your veins with vitamin infusions by VitaSquad, boost your skin’s collagen production with an Endermologie facial, get realigned by the on-site chiropractor, and choose hot or cold recovery with the infrared sauna, eucalyptus steam room, or cold plunge and cold sauna.

Don’t miss: The rooftop turf and terrace. Train among the palm trees, then bask in the sun and refuel with a salad and beverage.

Celebrity sightings: Will Smith, Heather Graham, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Spacey, and P Diddy all choose Anatomy at 1220.

Hottest trainer: Grant Weeditz. One of Anatomy at 1220’s body architects, this US Army veteran uses non-traditional equipment and unconventional training to whip clients into shape.

Fitness philosophy: “Balance is critical,” asserts Weeditz. “Being completely sedentary is not optimal. Running yourself into the ground through training every day is also not optimal. Work towards being active on most days.”

Go-to workout: “The steel mace and club are a few tools of fitness I’ll bring to the roof for a quick workout,” says Weeditz. “Lower or upper body, cardio or core, all goals can be met with only one or two maces and clubs. Their three-dimensional nature allows a larger amount of movement freedom with proper instruction.” 1220 20th St., Miami, 786-213-1220

The famously hardcore workout proves unstoppable.


The focus: They call it the best workout in the world.

What’s new: Top-of-the-line speakers straight from Ultra that will rock the Beach and Midtown. The same sound system will be installed at a brand-new location in Aventura, opening this fall.

Special stats: Thanks to interval and strength training combinations, clients burn up to 1,000 calories in a single class.

Celebrity sightings: Ellie Goulding, Nina Agdal, and Adriana Lima all work their physiques at Barry’s Miami.

Hottest trainer: Derek DeGrazio. The partner and lead master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp Miami helped bring the high-intensity studio to South Florida. He even joined Britney Spears on the road as her tour trainer in 2011.

Fitness philosophy: “Kicking your ass while putting a smile on your face,” says DeGrazio.

Perks: The Fuel Bar blends up nutritionist-designed shakes to sip post workout to help you lose weight and lean up. Order DeGrazio’s Derek Skinny Shake before class, and it will be waiting at the bar to satiate you after. 1835 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, 786-888-1699; 3250 NE First Ave., Suite 105, Miami, 786-725-5791

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