How Traveling Influenced Bolli Blas's Artistic Vision and Expression


How Traveling Influenced Bolli Blas's Artistic Vision and Expression

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | May 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Movement is the fundamental code of our being. It’s what got us here and will take us further. Travel as movement grips and frees us both physically and mentally. And it has been the perfect companion to many artists for a long time. As they move, they feel moved by what they see. And then, they move us with their work. For British visual artist Bolli Blas, travel has helped shape her vision and expression.


Bolli’s spirit yearns for an ideal world. A place where war is extinct and peace rules. While some may call her utopian idealism naïve, Bolli has found the world to be more kind, loving, and genuine than she had been led to believe, thanks to her travels. Between walking a gazillion steps and flying countless miles, Bolli discovered that the spirit of every place lives in its creation — from the general mood of its people to its art and craft. She has seen streets lit with creations that keep alive the hand that created them and the spirit that brought them into being. “Whenever I travel through Central and South America and Africa, I see so many inspiring pieces of art,” she begins. "Most of them are linked to their mythologies, keeping alive every generation's connection to the past that many of us are rapidly forgetting. These art pieces serve as reminders to their sellers and buyers about humility and our connection to something bigger than ourselves. The art itself is subtle, timeless, and in service to life’s many purposes. When I look at them, I am struck by how I admire them with the same reverence that I admire some of MOMA’s famous pieces. Travel keeps me aligned with what I wish to do with my art.”

Bolli’s artworks encourage the viewers to travel in their minds, a result of her love for travel, indeed.

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