Founded by Two Lawyers, How WCTL Became the Go-To Law Firm in LA


Founded by Two Lawyers, How WCTL Became the Go-To Law Firm in LA

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Is success defined by the number of favorable outcomes or wealth generated? Do you think a lawyer is considered successful by the number of trials won or the lawyer's revenue? Either way, success is very subjective, and for WCTL, their reputation speaks volumes of their success.

West Coast Trial Lawyers (WCTL), founded in 2014 by Neama Rahmani and Allen Patatanyan, is one of the leading Los Angeles law firms that are well-known globally. Although they have both previously worked with large corporations, their passion for getting justice for the ordinary people is what drove them create WCTL.

Neama became one of the youngest law school graduates at the age of 22 when he graduated from Harvard Law School. He worked as an Assistant United States Attorney and Director of enforcement at the City of Los Angeles Ethics Commission. He is also a regular legal commentator and has been featured on CNN, CourtTV, Newsweek, Law360, and many other media outlets. From a young age, Neama knew he wanted to become a lawyer and did not let anything stand in his way of attaining his dream. Neama has handled 1000+ cases and has helped his clients win more than one billion dollars.

On the other hand, Allen is a top 1% graduate from Southwestern University School of Law. He has previously worked as a partner and attorney in Yarian & Patatanyan LLP and as an associate, O'Melveny & Myers, where he worked together with Rahmani. While at Southwestern, Allen was a distinguished member of Southwestern’s Law Review and Moot Court Honors programs. He has worked on thousands of cases so far and helped his clients obtain millions of dollars in settlement and judgments.

With their combined experience, skills, and knowledge, they are undoubtedly one of the country's top law firms. One of the qualities that stands out about them is their willingness and passion for helping ordinary people. They feel the less fortunate have been victims for so long that it's time the narrative changed. They try to understand their clients by getting insights into their clients’ lives, which helps Allen and Neama to advocate for their clients’ rights.

They say behind every successful law firm, there has to be dedicated lawyers. Given Allen’s and Neama’s achievements, it is no wonder WCTL, is a world leader. They are an inspiration to generations of aspiring lawyers and significant assets for their clients.

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