How William Rivera Crushed Ecommerce


How William Rivera Crushed Ecommerce

| April 20, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

William Rivera is a young entrepreneur who is taking e-commerce by storm. He started in 2017 opening his first e-commerce store and within a short period was able to make $45,000 in revenue from a single store. At present, he is earning $350,000 every month from his e-commerce business.


His explosive success has created a lot of buzz on his social media accounts. He wanted to help others by sharing his knowledge and experience through his program, Ecom Degree University. This online course is his personal initiative to help millions of people aspiring to start a business on their own without slogging for hours in a routine job to live a normal life.

William Rivera always wanted to work smarter, not harder. He grew up watching his mother working hard while still struggling to meet ends raising him and his brothers. His zeal to break through the vicious cycle of working at various jobs and earning a minimum income was instilled since then. As he grew up he tried several options to start his business venture but nothing worked for him.

Soon he discovered the hidden potential of e-commerce as he started exploring online stores to start his business. William Rivera was focused on starting an e-commerce business. He was so dedicated and passionate about his dreams that he even dropped out of college without letting his mother know about it.

After years of failures, learning, and hard work, he was able to make $45,000 from his first successful store on Amazon. He knew then that his knowledge was limited and will not be sufficient for his grand goals. He wanted to discover more about e-commerce and so sold his store for $3,000 and used all the money in online courses and training on e-commerce. As he started learning, he came to know more about the exciting opportunities in the e-commerce business.

After several months of rigorous training, he finally started his successful online venture, earning a revenue of $100,000. Soon he was able to draw $350,000 within 25 days from his store on Amazon.

His journey to success was not a cakewalk. He had to struggle for years to reach where he is today. He had no Wi-Fi at his home and had to travel to his college to use the campus Wi-Fi. Initially, he had to overcome financial drawbacks because he had no money to invest in his business. However, with dedication and constant work, his efforts have finally paid off.

William Rivera doesn’t want others to struggle like him. To ensure no one makes the same mistakes and the wrong decisions he made, he decided to share his knowledge and experience with other aspiring entrepreneurs. This is the purpose behind his program Ecom Degree University.

William Rivera was documenting his journey on his Instagram account much before he tasted success. So, when he started earning a lot of money, people naturally became interested in his venture. That is when the idea of launching Ecom Degree University struck him.

Ecom Degree University has helped more than 700 students so far and the number is growing. Some of the top students are already earning six to seven-figure revenue from their respective e-commerce stores.

Photography by: William Rivera