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Take a Look Back at Swim Week 2018 with Top Swim Influencers


Take a Look Back at Swim Week 2018 with Top Swim Influencers

By Dara Hirsh | August 27, 2018 | Style & Beauty

You’ve seen them rocking the runways and snapping selfies while sitting front row. Here are the most followed faces of #SwimWeek.

Judy Stein, Exectuive Director, Swimwear Association of Florida (@safswimshow)


Tell us about The Swimwear Association of Florida’s annual SwimShow.
JUDY STEIN: This summer, the Swimwear Association of Florida will be celebrating our 36th annual SwimShow and our organization is very excited and honored to be known as the most respected, comprehensive and longest-running swimwear tradeshow of its kind. The four day event will showcase the latest in swimwear, beachwear, resort wear and accessories and bring together the biggest and best international retailers with the very best swimwear collections of the season.

What does a typical Swim Week look like for you?
JS: It takes a full year of planning a tradeshow of this magnitude. From the initial full logistics planning, marketing, sales, advertising, sponsorship, budget management to the culmination of the actual tradeshow—there’s a lot that goes into it, but it’s always amazing to finally see the execution of all of our effort! My team and I are constantly making sure that everything is perfect, and that we have provided buyers with a business friendly environment to meet with key vendors and plan for the new season.

What swim trends are you expecting to see for next year?
JS: Feminine prints, athleisure, high performance lace, geometric subtle jacquards, crochet inspired textures...

How does swimwear inspire confidence?
JS: It’s all about body empowerment and with all the swim options available today, it’s so much easier to find that perfect swimsuit. If you feel good, you look good!

Favorite Miami hangout?
JS: Cecconi’s at the Soho Beach House is the perfect setting for a Sunday brunch. I also love to people watch on Lincoln Road and grab a quick late afternoon snack or head a bit north to Bal Harbour and enjoy the great shopping.

Paige Watkins, Model (@paige_watkins)


What does a typical Swim Week look like for you?
PAIGE WATKINS: Pure bikini madness! It’s non stop fittings, shows, events, hair and makeup, shoots—you name it. But I grew up in Florida, so it’s also a chance to mix business with pleasure. I see my family and friends and they get to have a glimpse into my work.

Tips and tricks to get runway ready?
PW: I’ve always been a less is more kind of girl. I think letting your skin and hair be free from product is the best. But I try to be really diligent with my fitness routine leading up to the swim season. The week before, I do a lot of long walks—I swear by it. If you walk fast and long enough your body is at a fat burning rate without fatiguing you too much. It helps lean out the body while also being a peaceful workout.

Trends you’re expecting to see?
PW: The ‘90s are coming back. Think school girl vibes, high-waisted, neon, etc.

Shows you can’t wait to see?
PW: I always love the ones that surprise you. Great music and energy is a must. I can’t wait to see whose show will be the breakout star this year.

How do you feel swimwear can empower women and inspire confidence?
PW: The swimwear industry is so vast there is a fit, cut, style for everyone. Now women never have to feel like they need to fit into a sample size. There is something flattering for any body so women can always feel sexy in their swim skivvies.

Where do you get inspo for your Instagram feed?
PW: OG beach babes. I love bright aesthetics and tan skin. But I also find myself posting my two favorite things—my dog and food more often than not.

How has social media impacted your career as a model?
PW: It’s a chance to express yourself and hopefully show a glimpse of my personality away from work. I also enjoy the opportunity to share the brands, clients and teams I’m working with so followers can show some love.

What’s it like to be looked up to as a role model for your followers?
PW: I don’t think of it as a role model but rather as a fun journey to travel on together.

What can we expect to see more of from @Paige_Watkins?
PW: Trips! I have a lot of exciting destinations for both work and pleasure coming up that I can’t wait to share.

What’s your favorite hangout in Miami?
PW: I’m a foodie, so I love visiting all my favorite restaurants. My all time is Pane & Vino. Some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had and just about the coziest place.

Joy Corrigan, Model, @joycorrigan


What does a typical Swim Week look like for you?
JOY CORRIGAN: I’m running around between shows, meeting new friends and seeing old ones and doing photoshoots on the beach all while trying to maintain my spray tan! It’s one of the most hectic weeks of the year, but an insanely fun time.

When do you start getting ready for Swim Week?
JC: I start prepping a month before Swim Week. I really increase the intensity of my workouts. Two weeks prior, I try to limit carbs and add in extra good fats and proteins. I also make sure to get an amazing spray tan a couple days before I arrive.

Trends you’re expecting to see?
JC: I’m hoping eco-friendly suits will be more popular than ever this year. I’m also really looking forward to wearing the super sporty 90s high-waisted one-pieces that I see so many brands designing lately. Plus, I’ve noticed a lot of one shoulder suits in chocolate and nude tones, which is a really cool trend.

Shows you’re most excited about?
JC: I’m really looking forward to seeing or walking in the HAH (Hot As Hell) show, because Sharleen Ernster always has the most diverse models. I also can’t wait to walk for Gigi C Bikinis. I love Gigi’s signature cut out design; her suits hug every curve with a silky-smooth finish.

Where do you get inspiration for your Instagram?
JC: One of the coolest things about my job is getting to travel the world, and I take inspiration from the interesting and inspiring people I meet along the way. The diverse cultures I encounter have a huge influence on the creative content I put out on social media.

How has social media impacted your career as a model?
JC: It has given me a new way to show my personality and style. Before even meeting designers in person, they can take a look at my Instagram and get a feel for who I am.

What’s it like to be looked up to as a role model for your followers?
JC: I am always trying to put out good vibes. The young men and women of today are constantly watching our every move. It’s so important to me to implement a positive message into everything I do.

What can we expect to see more of from @JoyCorrigan?
JC: I’m working on my own clothing line called Naked Species. It’s an eco-friendly fitness line that gives back by donating a portion of the profits to protect endangered species. Stay tuned!

Favorite Miami hangout?
JC: You’ll find me at the Plymouth Hotel pool with my girls, or eating at my favorite spot, Blue Ribbon Sushi. I am also obsessed with bowling at Basement Miami at The Miami Beach Edition and getting some breakfast by their pool.

Carly Rothlein Grief, Owner, Luxe Cartel (@luxecartel)


What inspired you to launch Luxe Cartel?
CRG: I was living in New York right after graduating college in 2013, and randomly found myself working in tech, when I saw an opportunity to do something that combined my interests in fashion and business. You can accomplish so much now with social media and technology, so I just decided to go for it. At the time, I thought accessories would be my niche. But my now sister-in-law, Alexandra Grief of Montce Swim, is a crazy-talented swimwear designer and, naturally, I wanted to carry her line, too. From there, the swimwear really outperformed the accessories and eventually my whole business began to focus on that. Given that I’m born and raised on Miami Beach, it was a perfect fit.

What does a typical Swim Week look like for you?
CRG: It’s not all parties and fashion shows. We’re booked-solid with buying appointments all day, every day. But it’s always exciting to see what the designers have been working on all year!

What swim trends are you expecting to see for next year?
CRG: I think we’ll be seeing less minimalism in 2019, and more feminine details like ruffles and lace, with contrasting hardware.

What shows are you most looking forward to and why?
CRG: I may be biased but Montce Swim has such unique designs and they’re local, so the energy on the runway is always amazing!

How does swimwear empower women and inspire confidence?
CRG: To me, helping real women find a suit that makes them feel comfortable and beautiful is the most rewarding part of this job. As women, we are so much more than how we look in a bikini. I think embracing any insecurities we might have is extremely empowering.

Where do you get inspiration for your Instagram content?
CRG: Obviously our badass customers! Instagram is also an endless source of inspiration.

How has social media helped you market your brand?
CRG: Social media has given us a platform to engage with and be seen by so many people on a daily basis—I don’t think Luxe Cartel could have been successful without it. And although Instagram is a very saturated space, we have complete control over our brand messaging and identity, which allows us to reach potential customers who connect with our brand.

What can we expect to see from @LuxeCartel in the future?
CRG: We’re definitely going to be investing in more original content. We love collaborating with local talent and content creators who inspire us to bring our vision to life.

Shea Marie, CEO & Creative Director, SAME LOS ANGELES (@same)


Tell us about how you started your brand. What inspired you to launch SAME LOS ANGELES?
SHEA MARIE: One of my closest friends was running the biggest swimwear factory in LA, so I started sending him sketches of my ideas. It just came to life so fast and so beautifully that I dropped all of my other design projects to focus on Same. I wanted to be respected and taken seriously in the fashion industry and do high fashion, but at the same time, I was the quintessential blonde Cali girl. So I combined those two things to create a luxury swim line, mixing my love of high fashion and life in California. Now we are launching activewear and clothing.

What does a typical Swim Week look like for you?
SM: It’s pretty mellow, actually! Very different from Fashion Week, where I attend a million events a day. At Swim Week, I focus on my own brand and our event. It’s usually a beautiful dinner in partnership with someone like Harper’s Bazaar—always very high end and chic. This year we are showing our second line, Skin by Same, at Cabana.

What swim trends are you expecting to see for next year?
SM: I never ever think about what the swim trends are going to be. I literally design what I like for me and my friends. But when people see our new stuff, that will naturally become the trend.

How do you feel swimwear can inspire confidence?
SM: Being in a swimsuit can be very intimidating, but also empowering. You’re showing more skin, so it needs to be absolutely perfect and the most flattering—there’s no room for error. That’s why when a woman finds the perfect swimsuit she feels like she’s on top of the world.

Where do you get inspo for your Instagram feed?
SM: I’ve always had a very visual eye—from my own personal Instagram to Same’s—the vision is very similar: beautiful imagery but also a bit candid. I always strive for images that make you feel something—feel like you are there and feel the sun shining, wind blowing; an unstaged moment in time captured perfectly (although usually truly staged). It’s about making it look effortless.

How has social media helped you market yourself and Same?
SM: Designing my own line was always a dream of mine. Social media helped make it a reality. Being an influencer was never part of the plan. It was something that happened because I was doing the right thing at the right time.

How does it feel to be looked up to as a role model to your followers?
SM: Strange! Really. To think that I can say or do something and a million people will see it in an instant is just, strange—it’s the best way to describe it. But I also feel very honored and grateful.

We’re addicted to your feed. What can we expect to see from @Same in the future?
SM: There’s a LOT coming from @Same! Same Sport is launching in July, collection of dresses and more! From me personally, just little outtakes from my life and current projects.

Favorite Miami hangout?
SM: My perfect day in Miami would be hot yoga at Modo Yoga, coffee at Panther, lunch at Mandolin in Wynwood, a sunset cruise on my friend Vic’s boat, and dinner at Ariete in Coconut Grove. Some of my best friends in the world live in Miami, so it’s one of my favorite places ever.

Natasha Oakley & Devin Brugman, Co-Creators of A Bikini A Day / Co-Founders of Monday Swimwear (@tashoakley; @devinbrugman; @abikiniaday; @mondayswimwear)


Tell us about how you two first connected. Why did you decide to start A Bikini A Day?
NO/DB: We met through mutual friends on Facebook. Both being based in Maui, we started chatting and immediately clicked. Devin moved to LA to study Business, and after a couple of years I went to ‘stay’ with her in her apartment and never really left! I started shooting swimwear on Devin for my production company, DaTreats, but it was really all in good fun. We never anticipated it would become into a serious business. But we’re both super passionate and dedicated to creating cute content, and everything we produced was so well received by our followers on a new platform called “Instagram!” It wasn’t long before A Bikini A Day was born.

What inspired you to launch Monday Swimwear?
NO/DB: After working with countless swimwear brands through A Bikini A Day, we began to notice how well-fitting suits were few and far between. Devin struggled to find cute brands that catered to big busts. A swimsuit is a difficult thing to perfect, but that’s part of what motivated us to create Monday, a swimwear line that is everything you need it to be: stylish, supportive and chic. It’s been a whirlwind of experiences since we met, but it’s brought us to such an amazing, unsurpassable place in our lives and we’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished together!

What does a typical Swim Week look like for you?
NO/DB: Paraiso Fashion Fair (formerly known as Swim Week) is one of the busiest weeks of the year for us. We love to show support for our favorite brands, and that means back-to-back shows, appearances and events. We’ve also been hosting our own activations and pop-ups in Miami that allow people to come and try on the collection, which is otherwise sold exclusively online. This year is very exciting for us as we’ll be hosting our very first runway show at Paraiso.

Trends you’re expecting to see?
NO/DB: Animal prints are definitely making a statement this season. Also, any styles reminiscent to the ‘90s are making an obvious comeback—and we’re not mad about it. We’re hoping to see more styles that accentuate the female silhouette and help us to embrace our own unique shapes.

Shows you’re most excited about?
NO/DB: Acacia kills it every year; we’re dying to see what they have planned for their show. They’re ahead of the game in so many ways and we find ourselves picking our jaws up off the ground on the way out. For Love & Lemons is always a perfectly styled show. They’re so great at capturing the femininity of swimwear which is so often lost in translation or overshadowed by sex appeal.

How does swimwear inspire confidence?
NO/DB: After working on our collections pretty intimately and hearing feedback from customers, we realized how much a simple swimsuit can change peoples' lives. When you hear that women have found a winning piece from your brand and they describe how beautiful it has made them feel, you realize the impact you can have by working to create something that actually fits and flatters.

How has social media helped you market yourselves and your brands?
NO/DB: Social media has been one of the most pivotal ways that we’ve been able to make connections personally and professionally. From networking with different brands to influencers or our followers, we’ve been able to market ourselves and our brands through our social media presence.