How International Loops Became A Dominant Player In Influencer Marketing


How International Loops Became A Dominant Player In Influencer Marketing

International Loops International Loops | March 29, 2021 | Culture Lifestyle Sponsored Post


When speaking of social media power, International Loops prides itself as one of the biggest names to come to mind. For a fact, brands that desire to reach the heights of global recognition need to make themselves known amidst a densely saturated market. Brand visibility is made more feasible through the most effective means there is now: social media.

The power that social media holds is vast and undeniable in today’s world. In the last decade alone, there has been a massive shift in the way businesses are being run to digital technology and web-based operations. Along with these changes, companies are gearing up for more consumer awareness and brand recognition. As such, social media marketing came to be a means to achieving this end.

A Close Look at the Marketing Landscape

Being able to stand out in a sea of competition was much more manageable in the past. Back then, businesses were already considered lucky to be featured on social media sites. In cases of a good marketing push, celebrities would be willing to throw in a good word on your company’s behalf as a form of endorsing your brand to the public.

The brilliant marketing ploy of using influential people and celebrities as endorsers lays the groundwork for influencer marketing. When a brand collaborates with a social media marketing agency, that brand’s recognition soars. A well-known name like International Loops is the perfect example of this partnership. To date, this giant company has secured for itself the top spot in the area of social media marketing in general, and influencer marketing in particular.

How influencer marketing works

A primary contributor to the fast-paced growth of International Loops is the introduction of influencer marketing. Although this marketing arena used to be only about professional bloggers and celebrities, its scope has now broadened to include any other type of social media influencer.

One might wonder how a company founded not too long ago managed to excel in the marketing sector. Going head-to-head against rival businesses takes sheer will and extreme dedication. However, those two qualities alone are not enough to make it in the cutthroat marketing industry.

International Loops dominates the marketing game

International Loops CEO and founder Jennifer Brooks implemented the idea of establishing and maintaining connections with key individuals. Ideally, they hired high-level social media influencers to act as hosts for all their campaigns. With a well-recognized influencer behind the marketing campaigns, there is always a guarantee of success. Regardless of the cost, brands see this strategy as very worthwhile.

Another innovative strategy by International Loops is the use of sweepstakes loops. Without the need for well-known people, this approach focuses on a smaller network to handle cross promotions on each other’s social media pages. In this regard, International Loops is making waves across the industry since this method drives people to reap mutual benefits.


Social media marketing has evolved to maximize the reach of brands as a whole. Influencer marketing, specifically, is being appreciated the world over due to big agency names such as International Loops. Their ingenious way of doing social media promotions has undoubtedly helped several businesses gain rewards in the most effective way.

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