Italian Wines Make Me Crazy


Italian Wines Make Me Crazy

by Jako Wine by Jako Wine | December 1, 2021 | Food & Drink, Feature, Sponsored Post, Features,


To celebrate Art Basel 2021, Jako Wine has just landed in Miami and is launching its new advertising campaign with an ironic and amusing twist, just like the company slogan “Pursue happiness!”

It was back in 2011 when Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Berti decided to take a gamble and start producing top-class Italian wines.

10 years down the line, he continues to cause sensations with his production of high quality wines to share and enjoy with friends. There has been no shortage of awards in recent years from some of the top names and most prestigious European wine competitions including James Suckling, the Paris Wine Cup, the London Wine Competition, Wine Hunter, Decanter and many others.

“Jako Wine” has turned out to be a well-planned and sensationally successful venture.


The idea for the project came about a few years ago, I wanted a wine that was different from all the others, something to share with a few friends and relatives. They liked it so much that it was a natural progression to think about expanding and sharing this excellent level of quality.

The particularly exclusive distribution network allows you access to a wide range of areas ...

Yes, thanks to the tremendous preparation by the team of oenologists led by Lorenzo Dionisi and Prof. Leonardo Valenti, we now have the opportunity to reach high profile restaurants and discriminating and demanding palates both in Italy and abroad.

So this is a product that focuses on quality rather than quantity.

Of course! The result is that we are able to constantly increase the marketing and availability of a really excellent product. After ten years, most of what we produce has already been bought up, since well-informed and attentive Wine Lovers only choose “good” wines!

Fashionable wines, well presented, and a guarantee of healthy enjoyment ....

Yes, because something good can also be beautiful, and so our trademark flamingo symbol, which is also Miami’s, can look to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.


Photography by: Jako Wine