What Started As a Hobby Transformed Jackson Lintz Into An Ace Entrepreneur


What Started As a Hobby Transformed Jackson Lintz Into An Ace Entrepreneur

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The well-known quote by Jean Galea tells people to find three hobbies: one to keep in shape, one to make money, and one to be creative. For entrepreneur Jackson Lintz, he’s been able to earn income and be creative, covering two of the three, from his interest in computer programming.

Jackson has always had an interest in technology, but it peaked in high school when he took a computer science class. Jackson says school was never his favourite thing, and he didn't like most classes, but this particular class was different. His genuine interest in learning the course material allowed him to thrive and had him earning top marks. Soon enough, he traded his after-school video games for learning different aspects of programming. He would come home from school, hop on his computer, and continue educating himself on coding.

After high school, Jackson was still interested in programming and almost pursued it full-time before partnering with HighKey. Jackson’s two older brothers, Jordan and Luke, founded HighKey, which has several branches, including HighKey Technology, HighKey Agency, HighKey Real Estate, HighKey Investments, HighKey Clout, and more.

The older Lintz brothers have been running the brand since 2016, and in 2020, Jackson joined them as a partner after working with them for a couple years. Jackson wears man hats as an Executive Manager, but he continues to pursue his interest in coding. He manages the team that builds custom websites for clients, allowing him to use his programming experience and expertise. What started as a hobby grew into a career opportunity. Jackson now oversees every website HighKey Agency creates and optimizes them to ensure they rank well in Google searches of similar keywords.

Despite having an in with his brothers, Jackson says he never veered away from giving the company his all, constantly pushing himself to produce high-quality work.

Though Jackson says he had a strong dislike for school, he still gives credit where it’s due, and owes his organizational and task management skills to high school, as they’ve come in handy in his managerial position. Taking advanced classes in high school helped him understand how to be better organized with his time, which has greatly helped the young entrepreneur out during his scaling.

“I’m settling in as quickly as possible. There have been some learning experiences, but I’ve taken them in stride,” says Jackson. The fact that he’s made a career out of a childhood hobby shows how far taking an interest in something can get you.

Photography by: Jackson Lintz