How Jad Kantari Went From Immigrant to Ecommerce Entrepreneur


How Jad Kantari Went From Immigrant to Ecommerce Entrepreneur

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Even the most far-fetched dream can be achieved simply by taking action; this is what Jad Kantari, a Lebanese immigrant turned successful entrepreneur believes in. Even back when Kantari was a kid, he was already thinking about how he was going to achieve wealth and success in life. Thus, when he had the opportunity to move to the U.S. to pursue his dreams, he didn’t hesitate to take it.


Kantari graduated from the University of Southern California as a civil engineer, and spent some time afterwards working in this field. However, he eventually realized that he was more likely to attain the success he wanted by being an entrepreneur. When he finally attained the knowledge required for this new career, he founded Ycommerce, his own ecommerce business.

Jad Kantari’s Steps to Success

Even though it was hard for him to leave behind his family in Lebanon, Kantari used that emotion as a source of motivation. As an immigrant, the road to wealth was not easy for him to walk, but Kantari managed to achieve significant wealth by putting the following actions into practice.

He made use of his knowledge in ecommerce

Kantari did not decide to be an entrepreneur on a whim, and he did not jump in without learning anything about the industry beforehand. He made an effort to gather information about ecommerce and devise a number of business strategies that he knew would be successful.

He applied his knowledge by using a variety of business models, which helped him when his company was in a difficult spot financially. He also kept up with the latest ecommerce trends and incorporated those in his business, including advertising on social media. At one point, he invested $10,000 in advertisements on Facebook, which he credits for helping him achieve his first real profits.

He stayed focused on his goal

Three years after launching Ycommerce in 2018, Kantari now owns four other successful businesses and has accumulated more than $16 million in sales.

His focus enabled him to battle the challenges he faced as an immigrant aiming to be a successful entrepreneur in the United States. If it weren’t for his strong desire to make it big as an entrepreneur, he would not have taken the risk of leaving his career as an engineer.

He believed in his capabilities

Kantari’s journey was not easy by any means, and he was not always successful in everything that he did for his company. However, he never let himself be discouraged by any failures and instead looked for ways to overcome them. Taking such significant risks would not have been possible if he didn’t believe in his own abilities to succeed.

Kantari may have needed to risk a lot to be where he is now, but ultimately what matters is that it paid off. He now lives his life to the fullest without worrying about his expenses, and he even makes enough to support his family back home. He has proved that taking a risk is one of the first steps to reaching goals. If you’re interested in getting to know Jad Kantari a little better, check out his Instagram account for updates on his business activities and his lifestyle.


Photography by: Jad Kantari