“There’s Always Still Room to Grow and Pursue Your Passions,” says Justin Kimbrough


“There's Always Still Room to Grow and Pursue Your Passions,” says Justin Kimbrough

| May 7, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


In today’s world, it is possible to be the best in multiple things at once. Take Justin Kimbrough for instance, who is a pro golfer, serial entrepreneur, and dedicated environmentalist all at once. Even with the mounting competition among the people of the world, there’s always still room to grow and pursue your passions.

Kimbrough, the pro-golfer, plays golf every chance he gets. It is a sport that he loves and it has allowed him to not only unwind but also meet new people. Besides that, he is also an environmentalist and passionate about saving the planet.

In the biggest project of his career so far, which he is incredibly excited about, his company ‘Save Our Earth’ is giving away select FDA-approved products for free. These are environmentally friendly products like non-alcoholic hand sanitizers.

In addition to ensuring that they sell eco-friendly products, his company also plants 3 trees for every product purchased and collects trash from landfills and the oceans to convert into sustainable energy using solar ponds.

According to Justin Kimbrough, Save Our Earth is dedicated to preserving and rescuing endangered species, saving the planet, and helping reduce waste on the planet.

On the entrepreneurial side of things, Kimbrough is a successful business person who owns several ventures. He is the owner of an 18-wheeler trucking business, a social media advertising agency, and a non-profit organization.

Kimbrough is a firm believer in investing time in yourself to achieve the results you want. His biggest motivation to get into entrepreneurship has been his desire for time and financial freedom. He dreams of becoming a billionaire and using that wealth to help others and save the planet.

Justin Kimbrough has also always been intrigued by the idea of being your own boss, being in charge of your growth and shortcomings, and especially having no ceiling to how much you can grow. He hopes that through his work, he can help bring people together for the good of the planet.

According to Justin, no matter what you’re considering doing with your life, the best time to start is now. Even the most meticulous plans can’t prepare or shield you from the inevitable obstacles that will stand in your way. Putting your idea to work is the best way to learn and fine-tune it into your personal jackpot.

Justin Kimbrough is an example of a young person who is invested in both his personal growth and gains, as well as the good of the world around him and the future of humanity. The time to act is now to save our dying planet, believes Justin.

Photography by: Justin Kimbrough