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Keren Eldad Teaches Miami Execs Keys to Success with Award Winning Workshop


Keren Eldad Teaches Miami Execs Keys to Success with Award Winning Workshop

By Nicole Schubert | May 15, 2018 | People

Family to British Royals, daughter to Ambassador of Israel, and former soldier of the Israel Defense Forces, Keren Eldad accompanies all things glitz, glamour, dignity, and confidence. And with an award winning workshop in Miami coined “With Enthusiasm Coaching", teaching titans of the luxury industry – such as Van Cleef & Arpels – her tools to the mindset of success, Eldad is showing Miami locals how they can encompass poise and pride just like her, too. So we sat down with Eldad, to hear her story of growing up related to the royals and daughter of a diplomat, and how the IDF groomed her to become a pro coach in counseling high-powered luxury execs in crisis management, stress elimination, and turning challenges into opportunities for growth.


Keren, could you tell our Ocean Drive readers about the Seaside Detox weekend you recently hosted at The Diplomat?

Keren Eldad: Sure. It was all about detoxing your mind and your body, which means wellness, spa treatments and more - as well as two private workshops with me: "Detox Your Mindset," and "7 Steps to Soulmate."

What did guests experience?

KE: Mind-blowing, life-changing talks. And a beautiful hotel and spa.

As a wellness coach, you deliver keys to the mindset of success, productivity, and engagement through scientific research. What notes did you present to guests? And what standard notes do you give to local Miami clients?

KE: My talks, focus above all, on giving you actionable tools to really blast through any issue you may currently be facing, supercharge your success, and infuse you with inspiration and enthusiasm.

A few things that everyone will walk away with are: what the keys are to success in soulmate love, how to take that first step ... towards anything, or any love you want, where stress and anxiety actually come from, what the most common toxic thoughts and stressors are and how to unravel them, my favorite tool for eliminating stress, and how to turn any challenge into an opportunity for growth.

How can your clients use those skills in their day to day lives in Miami?

KE: Location doesn't have much to do with it; stress, anxiety and single-hood affect the USA pretty even-handedly. All the above will allow you to get clear about what you want, take positive action, and live with more peace, joy and enthusiasm than ever before.

Tell me about giving presentations to titans of the luxury industry such as Van Cleef & Arpels.

KE: It's a joy, really. I come from the industry, and coaching brands like Van Cleef and IWC is a nice coming together for me. I saw firsthand what it was like to work in those corporations, and to be part of the force helping to shape the more engaged and happy future of their employees is a real honor.

Traveling the globe as a coach and motivational speaker, teaching brands and executives how to lead from a mindset of service, what brands do you look to speak to in the future?

KE: I focus primarily on luxury brands - which are my own sweet spot, but at the moment, I am also coaching a shipping company, a consulting firm and a hedge fund and asset management company. In other words - wherever there are superstars, you can find Coach Keren :).

Keren, tell me about serving in the Israeli Army. How did this experience teach you crisis management and how can others use those skills as well?

KE: Well, I just loved serving in the army, and it was a true privilege. The best things I learned in the army were humility and service. To this day, I believe in service as a way of life, and I know that has shaped my coaching career more than any other skill or inclination.

While you served in the Israeli Army, you were assigned to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. How did this experience also groom you for your career as a coach?

KE: You learn how to do two things differently. Number one is not to react, to really become thoughtfully responsive, which has become a huge gift in all of my life or in any career. And the second is to listen, to really listen to other people and to consider what’s happening before taking anything in or taking any action.

What was it like growing up as a diplomat’s daughter?

KE: Being an ambassador’s daughter gives you an incredible advantage in life. For two reasons. Number one, I’m a polyglot, I speak many languages. And when I say many, I mean five. And, it also means that you grow up all over the world and you realize from a very young age that we are all more alike than we are unalike. I can relate to absolutely anyone. I promise you, no matter what country you’re from, I’ve probably cheered for your team. I understand that we all operate the same way. The second is, I’m the daughter of an Israeli diplomat and I don’t know if you heard this, but some people find us a little bit more aggressive. It’s a very controversial country. And when you work with a dad who basically has to be diplomatically emphatic about our rights to live somewhere, it kind of teaches you how to think.

And as a coach, I do this all the time. I have to teach people principals that maybe they’re a little reluctant to embrace at first, but I do so with lots of love for the principals because I stand in the truth.

With South Florida enduring both the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting and bridge collapse at Florida International University, how could you give Miami locals advice on how to overcome emotional obstacles?

KE: You know, I am a suicide counselor, and we have all undergone special training for people who have experienced a traumatic event like this first hand. The most important thing I can advise you to do when you encounter people who have endured this, or encounter in others - is to validate the feelings. Feelings of shock, sorrow, numbness, fear, anger, and grief are all normal. The second is to get support. A network, a trained professional, and your friends and family can all lessen the impact of a traumatic experience and also assist in finding healthy coping methods.

No matter who you are, or where you are, I teach you that you have the strength and ability to be, do, and have anything you want. I hope to have left everyone who enjoyed the Seaside Detox with nothing less.

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