Kevin Beutler: How Digitization Transformed the Fitness Industry


Kevin Beutler: How Digitization Transformed the Fitness Industry

| May 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


With a rise in automation and standards of living, more and more people are suffering from a chronic lack of physical activity. However, with the onset of social media fitness experts have come forward with their experiences and improved the health and wellbeing of millions globally. Here, bodybuilder and entrepreneur Kevin Beutler talks about the importance of fitness and how the digital evolution has been transformational.

The courage to start following a fitness regime is often met with a lot of resistance. But there are thousands of people who have turned their lives around after listening to Kevin Beutler’s story. With over 30,000 followers on Instagram, Beutler shares his fitness journey and this digitization has skyrocketed his success.

“It takes self-restraint and strict ambition to achieve your target, but with social media, there are free resources available for everyone today. You don’t even need a gym membership, just routines to follow religiously.”, Beutler comments. He is a fan of sports and credits a healthy, nutritious diet balanced with exercise for his strength and immunity.

He believes that physical and mental fitness go hand in hand, and people could achieve their dream fitness level if they got rid of the negative and limiting thoughts. He elucidates, “Pay attention to your own body before listening to someone else, and stay positive so you will attract positive. Success is a by-product of daily activities.”

When asked about formal training, he shares his experience as a construction site worker and his study of fitness economics. Kevin Beutler today holds national records for bodybuilding and is living proof that action breeds purpose. With the digital evolution, he is working toward pushing people out of their comfort zones and into the light of a better future and success.

Photography by: Kevin Beutler