Launch Party: Miami Surf Archive

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1 - Launch Party: Miami Surf Archive
An image from the Miami Surf Archive Project's collection

We might not have the killer waves of Hawaii, but Miamians have been riding boards since the 1930s when Dudley and Bill Whitman—considered as Miami's first surfers—were introduced to legendary surfer Tom Blake. By the 50s, Miami's fiberglass boats were inspiring surfboard designs and, in the 60s, surf culture further exploded with Haulover's North End beach being dubbed "surf only."

Last summer, The Webster hosted “Surf The Webster,” which paid tribute to Miami’s surfing history and paved the way for the creation of the Miami Surf Archive Project (MSA). Led by local surfing enthusiasts Steve Manning, Lance O’Brien, Gary Kessler, Michael Laas, Robert Kahn and Cindy Manning Sands, MSA celebrates and preserves Miami's boarding culture. Learn more at their official launch party (March 24, 7 PM) at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. Guests will be able to view classic surfing footage and images, as well as a display of historically significant surfboards. A raffle and musical performance are also on slate and drink tickets are available in exchange for a cash donation. 2000 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, 305-673-7256

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