Leave your world behind


Leave your world behind

By SandalsĀ® Resorts By SandalsĀ® Resorts | December 20, 2023 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


There are places in the world where time is measured in lapping waves. Where a daily commute means snorkeling through black coral reefs, sharing lanes with sea turtles. Where the noise of daily life can’t find you. A stunning resort capped by lush mountains on either side, offering total privacy and one of the most unique beaches in the world. Welcome to Sandals Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, the newest addition to the Sandals Resorts family.

Located at the hook end of the Caribbean island stretch, it’s one of the region’s untapped wonders, where nature and volcanic landscapes prevail. The journey to get there is as magical as the destination. Sandal’s Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is tucked away on its own private cove, surrounded by jungles and rivers – offering total privacy and seclusion, with all of the natural warmth that the Caribbean is known for.


Every room boasts an out-of-this-world view, but none quite like our two-story overwater villas. A first for Sandals Resorts, select accommodations feature a separate media room or fitness room, as well as family-style dining areas which are perfect for hosting new friends you might meet at the resort. And while there’s everything right about spending your time cosying in an overwater bungalow, relaxing at the spa, lounging around the various pools and enjoying cocktails and Caribbean-inspired fare at any one of the 17 restaurants and bars at Sandals Saint Vincent and The Grenadines – it’s impossible to ignore nature’s call to venture out.

From trekking through waterfalls and black sand beaches to whale watching as you sail across the region’s 32 islands, this is the ultimate island for adventurous explorers. Reaching La Soufrière, Saint Vincent’s highest peak might take a working day, but your surroundings – and the climactic view – will make it feel like a day of wonder and play. And if you prefer a paved path to a trail, the Saint Vincent Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful natural botanical gardens in the world. Regardless of how you choose to take in the beauty of the land, an opportunity is always in sight.


For as much nature as Saint Vincent and The Grenadines presents, there’s also a lot of culture and history here, too. In nearby Kingstown, trace the island's origins and heritage through historic walking tours, sugar cane-crushing or through bites of local dishes like buljol, a fish-centric salad, or breadfruit meringue pie.

Whether chasing waterfalls, island hopping or tracing heritage through winding streets and savory bites, Saint Vincent is an island seeping with experiences that renew your spirit and drum up your appetite for discovery. Amidst overwater villas and secluded coves, every moment etches a treasured memory, imparting you with the calmness of the sea and warmth of the Caribbean sun – and its people, too. Saint Vincent and The Grenadines is an intimately magical escape where you’re free to leave the world behind.


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