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Lets Get Physical! VIP Physical Fitness Program Explained by Creator Jennifer Nicole Lee


Lets Get Physical! VIP Physical Fitness Program Explained by Creator Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee | June 16, 2020 | Lifestyle Feature


Fact: working out and physical fitness is an important foundation to building your VIP power. Plain & simple. It is truly a corner stone of success, and the epitome of self-care.

In this chapter, I am going to explain the reasons why it is essential to make sure you work out 4-6 times per week, consistently and also how to make sure you always get your workouts in!

As you all may know by now, fitness changed my life from being “so-so” to “soooo-soooo” strong and sexy!”

It transformed me from being sick and tired to full of positive energy with an “I Can Do It” attitude.

It helped me to become grateful, instead of grumpy! It’s empowering to workout, and get all pumped up, as you feel amazing!


Its not only your muscles that get stronger when you exercise. Your brain also gets stronger.

Exercise also protects your brain from depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and even dementia.

And the benefits last a long time!

Here is a list of advantages that your brain enjoys from exercising! Read below, and believe me-these benefits are better than a cup of coffee!

1. Improve mood

2. Improved Cognitive health

3. Improved Brain Health

4. Triggers growth of new blood vessels in the brain

5. Boosts “better fed & healthier” brain cells.

6. Boosts Creativity

7. Increased memory

8. Increased Focus

9. Increased Ability to maintain attention on tasks

10. Your brain can multitask better, focusing on multiple projects at once.


Did you know that you can enjoy a natural high, with no crashing, no relapsing and you don’t need to see your corner neighborhood drug dealer to get it. And you cant even buy it, or get a prescription for it.

You see, your brain creates it-when you workout.

Its called Dopamine.


Listen up VIPs in training: Your conscious brain might loathe working out. But your body secretly craves it. The brain is on your side when you want to make working out a daily habit. How? Well, it releases good feeling chemicals when you are doing it.


This is a chemical in your brain that is a neurotransmitter. Its your own personal “coach” inside your brain that inspires you to crush your goals. And get this, not only does it motivate you, it gives you a rush of pleasure after you take positive action toward your desires.

So as you can see, exercise packs a powerful punch. Nix all obstacles by training at home with my online Coaching Program at Train with me personally, get nutritional support, accountability, goal setting and so much more. Join a global community of other like minded VIP members who will support you, along with my coaching, to live your best life!


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