Liridon Vrapca: “COVID-19 Has Had a Resounding and Long-Term Impact on Digital Business Migration”


Liridon Vrapca: “COVID-19 Has Had a Resounding and Long-Term Impact on Digital Business Migration”

by Karishhma Ashwin by Karishhma Ashwin | April 2, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

If there were any persisting thoughts about the necessity of adapting to digital for business longevity, the COVID-19 pandemic has hushed them. Digital marketing expert Liridon Vrapca shares insights into how coronavirus is creating a shift in doing business from onsite to online. Let’s delve.


Liridon starts by pointing to facts – before the onset of COVID-19, only twenty-nine percent of US employees functioned remotely. Whereas for the rest of the seventy-one percent, including around forty percent of the total onsite American workforce — the shift to remote working lifestyle full-time has been a shocker for the system – metaphorically speaking, yet in certain cases, quite literally as user demand surpassed digital bandwidth. But the silver lining, Liridon explains, is that with such huge groups of businesses, entrepreneurs, and employees now going remote, digital collaboration is improving by a quantum leap. This has accelerated the migration of businesses online. They have no other option but to sophisticate their tools to facilitate this transition and bring their employees to a level of comfort with this migration.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs who had not only increased the pace of migrating their businesses online but also executed on their digital strategies prior to the pandemic are now in a position to leapfrog their less agile contenders. But this doesn’t undermine the pandemic-led challenges they now face, regardless of their present level of digital prowess. Migrating business online on its own is not a cure-all to everything that ails the business community in the existing economic scenario. These digitally-led business do, however, have significantly more advanced tools handy to not only weather the storm, but to emerge stronger on the other side.

To sum it all, Liridon shares that COVID-19 has mandated many businesses to organize investor meetings on platforms like Zoom, run marketing and advertising campaigns online, and embrace digital contactless mediums for payment.

Photography by: Liridon Vrapca