Local Artist Q&A: Etienne Class

—Liana Lozada | October 23, 2012 | The Latest Homepage Latest

Etienne Class
: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Training: The School of Plastic Arts, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico; currently attends Miami International University of Art & Design.

Tag origin: Etienne Class is my real name. It sounds funny and artistic, but I’m used to it. My friends call me Mr. Class.

First works: When I was 13, I created my first street art piece in my neighborhood park and the police caught me, scolded me, and took me to my mother.

Inspiration: It all depends on what kind of place I’m in. All my ideas come from some form of movement, sound, and feeling. While I’m in the moment, emotions tell me what to create. My family and nature inspire me.

Favorite book: Any art history book, but I particularly like Manual of the Warrior of Light by Paulo Coelho.

On your playlist: "Get Up, Stand Up" by Bob Marley is one of my favorite songs. I love jazz, old and new hip hop, Latin jazz, salsa, and reggae.

Favorite hobby outside of art: Billiards! I love a good game of pool for entertainment and to purely focus on the game and nothing else. It relaxes me.

To retreat and regroup: I seek a quiet place, no one is there, only my soul. There I feel what I need to do next. Yes, I cry and feel bad about my mistakes, but I use that learning for the next episode. I also listen to music very deeply, which soothes me immensely

Favorite place to travel: Milan, because it is creative and romantic.

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