Luca Schnetzler Invests in Social SnowBall to Help Brands Turn Customers Into Motivated Affiliates


Luca Schnetzler Invests in Social SnowBall to Help Brands Turn Customers Into Motivated Affiliates

| April 20, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Netz Capital is an emerging angel investment firm launched by Luca Schnetzler, the German professional footballer. Netz Capital has made some lucrative investments within a short period of time that has the potential for huge returns in the future. The angel investment firm is more focused on lending a helping hand to startups in the technology and direct-to-consumer product categories.


Netz Capital identified the potential for tech startups by taking note of the huge growth in technology. Everything from businesses to how we live and our surroundings is influenced by technology. To capitalize on this revolution, many tech startups have emerged with innovative ideas for growth. One such startup is Social SnowBall.

Social SnowBall has been offered an angel investment by Netz Capital to execute its business strategies. Social SnowBall is an affiliate marketing app that is designed to help businesses gain more affiliates. Affiliates are essential for businesses to expand their reach and increase visibility among customers. Often brands encourage people to enroll in affiliate programs in return for some profit. Many such programs often fail to reach the right audience. Social SnowBall applies a unique strategy to convert existing customers and even in-store visitors into affiliates.

The Social SnowBall app comes with a custom ‘Thank You’ page along with a host of other features to help businesses connect better with customers. The app sends notifications to customers and in-store visitors about available affiliate programs and the many benefits it can offer. This way affiliate programs can reach a highly targeted audience who are either customers of the brand or have visited retail stores. This is a wonderful strategy that Social SnowBall is using to make affiliate programs work for all businesses.

Netz Capital realized the promising potential of the business and has become an angel investor in Social SnowBall. The startup is turning into one of the fastest-growing affiliate management companies helping businesses expand. By recognizing the boom in the technology and digital space, Netz Capital has also expanded its investment channels by investing in other tech startups like Chirpish and Steam Commerce. Chirpish is a customer support and service company helping online brands grow. Steam Commerce provides end-to-end solutions in e-commerce for growing businesses.

Other than tech startups, Netz Capital is also identifying the hidden potential of direct-to-consumer brands. The prime benefit of investing in such brands is that the profit margin is not shared at different levels. As the product reaches the consumer directly, the brand has complete control of the pricing and the profit. One such brand is Vibe in which Netz Capital has made a huge investment. The brand has now made a niche for itself in personal care products.

Like all other investments, angel investments too have some inherent risks. If the startup has problems in executing its strategies and fails, the chances of getting back the initial investment are almost zero. However, Netz Capital with its keen attention to detail has made decisions after in-depth market research and analysis of all startups. With its expert moves as an investor, Netz Capital is aiming to soon emerge as one of the leading angel investment firms.

Photography by: Luca Schnetzler