Marcela Mayorga Combines New Tech and Sustainability to create NIBIRU One of a Kind Ancestral Jewelry


Marcela Mayorga Combines New Tech and Sustainability to create NIBIRU One of a Kind Ancestral Jewelry

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | April 12, 2022 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,


Marcela Mayorga is a Chilean fashion producer based in Italy who created her own brand named Nibiru in 2019, following years covering the fashion scene. The Nibiru project began as a sustainable jewelry brand that recycled old 18k jewelry and combined it with incredible stones to create its unique pieces. Mayorga has since taken her brand to the next stage of her vision by digitizing her jewels and combining the digital age with the jewelry industry. She explained the Nibiru process in an interview stating, “As for digitizing a jewel, it gives you the feeling of reality and being able to choose; to change stones and metals and then go to production. It goes to a 3D printer, then it goes to casting and then a foundry, of course, always recycling old 18k jewelry, which is what characterizes us.” They utilize 3D designs that become a casting from a 3D printer and allows them to turn 18k gold into something fascinating.

The Nibiru collection is inspired by ancient cultures from South America and Ancient Mesopotamia. Mayorga got her inspiration by exploring ancient cultures during her travels to Latin America and living with the Mayas in Lago Atitlan. As she puts it, the “Nibiru collection is my intention to create a bridge between the energies of planet Earth and Nibiru. Gold has a symbolic property and for some, the physical property of sustaining our mission in life and ensuring that we live in alignment with the singular destiny of the soul.” Mayorga started the collection by recycling a bracelet from her mother to produce her first trilogy collection and then continued to recycle her own past jewelry to create new pieces. This put the emphasis on sustainability of a resource already possessed and the evolution of the metal.


The brand has seen success as the result of Mayorga’s vision. They have been showcased in various exhibitions in Hotel FAENA and Hotel Fouquet Paris, and have started selling on 1stDibs New York (the most popular jewelry marketplace in the world). Recently, in 2022, Mayorga was selected as the best jeweler in her country which featured a global campaign in L’Officiel Italia, Paris, and US. The Nibiru brand has also gained great traction among models and influencers, being worn by names such as Adriana Lima, Martha Pozzan, Melania Dalla Costa, Valentina Ferrer, and Wanda Icardi during different campaigns. As the brand continues to evolve and grow, Mayorga hopes that her vision will be captured by more and give her talismanic Jewels and eclectic pieces a worldwide platform.

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Social Media: @nibirucollection @marcelamayorgas
Website: www.nibirucollection.comMarketplaces: 1stdibs Online and Fouquet Hotel Paris

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