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Marlon Wayans on His Most Embarrassing Sexual Encounter & Why He Loves Performing in Miami


Marlon Wayans' Most Embarrassing Sexual Encounter Involved What?

By Carla Torres | May 16, 2016 | People

We sat down with funny man Marlon Wayans to talk about his first upcoming solo tour, White Chicks, and his most embarrassing escapade.

Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans.

"I really enjoy performing in Miami," says the legendary comedian, Marlon Wayans, though he won't call himself a legend just yet. "I'm trying to build my legend and legacy as a Wayan," admits the youngest of 10 siblings, all of whom are comedic marvels or celebrities in their own right. Now, on the brink of turning 45 in July, the actor, screenwriter, film producer, and comedic protégé will be center stage and traveling the country on his first-ever solo tour, Scandal-Less.

Before his stop at Fillmore Miami Beach on May 19, we spoke with Wayans about breaking away from his family unit, his funniest (and most awkward) sexual encounter, and why he loves performing in Miami.

What was the reason for a solo tour?
MARLON WAYANS: It's time. I’ve done some great stuff with my brothers, and learned, and [have] grown, but I’ve dedicated the last 40 years to being a Wayans and my life journey right now is about being the best Marlon I can be.

And what's the best Marlon that you can be?
MW: Developing my own sense of humor. We Wayans all have such a sense of humor but we are all different.

How are you different from the rest of your brothers?
MW: Sometimes my humor is tastefully distasteful. I’m edgy and free and crazy, and I’ve been pushing different limits—we all have but in different ways.

What makes someone funny?
MW: There’s funny things about everybody. Some people look funny and give funny looks; some people are physical. I like an all-around comedian, and that’s someone who can tell you a joke and then animate the joke—it will be twice as funny. I like people who speak truth, that aren’t afraid to dip into their pain and use their life. I like people who can be characters and act out things, and give everything a voice; [it's to] have an imagination and use their body as a brush to paint all over the stage.

Did you ever have a moment in your childhood that you realized, "Whoa, I'm funny, I got this!"
MW: It started with making my mother laugh and always making my brothers laugh. There was always some kind of sketch me and Shawn had. I was pretty shy in first grade but in second grade, I started opening up and being the class clown, and felt the class was an audience.

Did you think that White Chicks would be as legendary and successful as it became?
MW: You always do things and think that they are going to be legendary, but you never know. People either love it or hate it. You don’t do it for the critics, you do it for the fans, for the people who are going to see it over and over again, and smoke a blunt and watch with their friends.

How much do you improvise versus actually act out the written script?
MW: I always improvise. The script is a blueprint for me and that’s the same for everything that I do. I like to take it to different places and try and see if I can top what I wrote.

You made a parody out of Fifty Shades of Grey. Why?
MW: Some things kind of beg for priority, and a black and rich Christian Grey who thinks he’s going to be great in bed but is terrible, was one.

Speaking of that, do you have a story on your funniest or most awkward sexual encounter?
MW: So many. One time, I was getting head and my girl stops and I’m like, what in the hell. Then I remembered the fart was so loud that I remember the echomimetic sound.

Who is the greatest comedian of all time?
MW: Richard Pryor, my brother Damon, and Eddie Murphy are my three favorites of all time.

What are you most looking forward to about your Miami show?
MW: It’s a fun, fun audience. They’re crazy, they’re loud, and they’re rambunctious. Their energy mimics that of a party, not just a show—a party.

Photography by: photography by Alberto E. Rodriguez