Marshall Mosher Shares 5 Insights on How To Be the Best in your Industry


Marshall Mosher Shares 5 Insights on How To Be the Best in your Industry

| April 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Everyone is trying to be the best in their industry, otherwise, they wouldn’t be in it. Thankfully there are industry leaders who are willing to share their insights on their success. Entrepreneur Marshall Mosher is the mind behind Vestigo, a virtual reality experience that uses innovative technology to provide team-building exercises that challenge and bond professional teams. Here, Mosher shares five insights that he has discovered on how to be the best in your industry.

1. Stop saying sorry

Everyone should take responsibility for their mistakes both in life and in business, but Mosher shares that there is an important difference between recognizing and rectifying your mistakes, and simply just apologizing for them. He elaborates on this by saying, “When you say sorry within your professional life, rather than indicating that you made a mistake that you plan on fixing, you are indicating weakness and a need for approval.”

2. Don’t wait for an invitation

Mosher explains that your competitors won’t wait for you to decide you have been invited to the table before they take your share and leave you with the crumbs. Mosher advises that being decisive is one of the most important traits of a leader and that it is a skill that is worth working on. He expands on this by saying, “When you know where you want to be in your industry, go there, don’t wait for someone to buy you a ticket and offer you a free ride.”

3. Network authentically

Mosher says that you need to take the time to be genuine and humble when making connections in business. Otherwise, industry leaders who are used to people reaching out to them to simply advance in the industry will see straight through you. He says, “When you are networking with anyone within your industry, be authentic. Your professional reputation will be built on your interactions with others, so always be genuine.”

4. Set goals

According to Mosher, you will never be the best in your industry if you don’t know what being “the best” means to you. He advises that before you try to succeed in any industry, you need to set yourself goals. Mosher explains, “To see how far you have come, you need to understand where you have come from and define exactly where you are trying to go.”

5. Believe in yourself

Mosher shares that you are the foundation that your business and success will be built on and the walls of your success will crumble if your foundations are weak. Elaborating on this, he says, “If you don’t believe in yourself, your abilities, and your business, then success will always be out of reach because there is nothing to build on.”

Overall, Marshall Mosher shares that being the best in your industry starts and ends with you. If you have the will and determination to succeed, then, you can.

Photography by: Marshall Mosher