’s Matt Proman Thinks You Should Take Your Brand’s Mission Seriously's Matt Proman Thinks You Should Take Your Brand's Mission Seriously

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 26, 2021 | Sponsored Post

According to Forbes, when it comes to starting a new company or gaining more traffic to a business, strong brand authority is key. It not only positions one as a leader in the industry but also helps one stand out against the competition.


It's also the best way to guarantee brand loyalty. The relationships begin to build stronger as the company proves to be consistent in message, mission, and execution, continuing to add value to the client experience and the perception that the brand reliably provides real solutions, products, or services.

Matt Proman, entrepreneur and founder of JumpStart Asset Capital, LP, and most recently the real estate company, has found this to be true both as a new business owner and philanthropist. “The foundation of a business is its customer relationships, and mission and brand perception set that tone.”

Brand perception starts from the inside. Employees from the ground level up will be more successful when they act with a strong sense of purpose or mission, and Proman stresses the importance of leading by example. As the founder and CEO of multiple companies, Proman’s management style is focused on building relationships both internally and with clients and customers. Real estate is an industry that is especially relationship-driven — agents and prospective clients shake hands again and again—but at the heart of any industry are strong business relationships. They provide the foundation for any enterprise, and strengthening those bonds is integral to long-term success.

It is through these relationships that Matt Proman has been able to determine where he ventures next. Throughout his career, he has focused on identifying gaps in the consumer market and strategically formulating innovative business plans, partnerships, and solutions to fill them.

Proman discovered through his years of experience that if a company’s mission looks out for its customers' needs and works to create solutions to problem areas, brand loyalty is the result.

Building a brand (and relationships) can take time, but Proman knows it’s all worth it. Having started as the former CEO and founder of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and moving into new industries even amidst a pandemic, his own brand’s story is just beginning.

When founding his real estate company, Proman articulated why his brand, whose mission was created around a win-win solution, was imperative while entering this new market.

“At, we strive to provide better solutions for agents and homeowners. In this way, is properly viewed as a game-changer and a valuable resource,” Proman explains. “With a focused mission and the right branding, we have created a mutually beneficial situation where homeowners get paid to list their homes and are guaranteed an agent with skin in the game.” Real estate agents can bid on and buy listings in the locations they want, laser focusing their marketing dollars and their ability to see a true return on their marketing dollar investments. “They invest in obtaining real listings, not just potential leads.”

Matt Proman has been able to position BidMyListing in a way that no other real estate company has done before by identifying the needs of both real estate agents and homeowners looking to sell.

When your business has a solid mission and reliable brand, success and brand loyalty are right around the corner.

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