Meet Brian Underwood: CEO and Leader in the Health and Wellness Industry


Meet Brian Underwood: CEO and Leader in the Health and Wellness Industry

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | March 24, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,

Photo Courtesy of Brian Underwood

Health is a diverse economic area. It encompasses many different vehicles, which encourage both physical and mental wellbeing. This spans healthy eating, personal care, weight loss, nutrition, skin care, among many others.

The keto diet is a rapidly evolving health and wellness lifestyle that many people have turned to for its nutritional benefits, including fat loss. Brian Underwood, a health and wellness industry leader, has witnessed this rapidly evolving demographic and its at large impact on the industry.

Brian is the founder and CEO of Prüvit, the standard in the exogenous ketones space. Prüvit is widely recognized as a category king - the billion dollar company has taken the sector by storm by creating the world's preeminent consumer-based ketone supplement drink, KETO//OS®. They are primarily focused on evidence-based products that help optimize your potential.

As a global industry leader, Prüvit is at the forefront of pioneering ketone technology in this new marketplace. Through the power of social commerce, the company has gained market influence by leading with education and building community. Brian has been at the helm of Prüvit since its establishment, playing an integral part in its growth.

Brian's journey in the direct sales space was seeded in high school after seeing his basketball coach make many times his salary through a similar business model. While attending the University of Kentucky, Brian cultivated his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. With a deep passion and relentless drive, he continued to put in the hard work no matter the challenges that came his way.

After many ups, downs and several failed attempts, what he describes as "learning opportunities," Prüvit was born. Fast-forward 6 years and the mix of preeminent science, a diverse product line and robust internal talent has generated over one billion dollars in revenue. He managed to achieve all this while promoting a positive, driven, and healthy culture.

“Failures” are a crucial part of Brian's story and something that he encourages people to learn from. They taught him what he should be doing differently because with each roadblock, he came up against, he adjusted and improved. His success may seem "meteoric," as the company was only launched six years ago, but it’s founded on over 40 years of experience.

Brian believes that the major obstacles limiting most people's trajectory are their lack of patience and deeply anchored ability to follow through. So many people focus on the "spoils" of being a successful entrepreneur, but they don't see the years and years of hard work someone invested on building their vision. And even pre-Prüvit, Brian had to constantly focus on the dream and not let the daily grind or speed bumps affect his drive.

Brian challenges others to feed faith. Faith is being certain of what you hope for. Constantly reinforce the faith in your goal, and know that it will work out.

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