Meet Brittney Jones the Millennial Who is Changing The Face of Social Media and Online Business


Meet Brittney Jones the Millennial Who is Changing The Face of Social Media and Online Business

by Evan Arroyo by Evan Arroyo | May 10, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Many of us dream of wanting more out life, we dream of escaping the 9-5, travelling the world, and living life on our own terms, few achieve this level of success throughout their careers.

This small town girl is taking social media by storm and inspiring others to build a life beyond their wildest dreams, because she knows there’s room at the top for everyone.

Meet Brittney Jones, a small town girl who left her comfortable corporate job in the financial world behind to pursue her passion and dreams.

Today, she’s a multi six-figure earner, highly sought after speaker, and online leader to a community of over 100,000 female entrepreneurs. She runs a highly successful coaching business and social media agency, helping business owners create their success story from the online space.

Brittney has always had an entrepreneurial spirit but, the pressures of getting a university degree and a secure corporate job led her down a different path in life initially.

“It wasn’t that I felt different from everyone growing up, I just felt like I was meant for more & at the time I didn’t know what that looked like. I was always a bit of an overachiever: top of my class, driven, with really good grades. I actually started my first business when I was 16, an ice cream store in my home town. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit but didn’t see entrepreneurship as a legitimate option for my future.”

“At the time, I thought success meant going to an Ivey league school, because that’s the mindset impressed upon us while we’re growing up. If you had potential, you were encouraged to be a Doctor, Lawyer, or accountant. There never was any talk about entrepreneurship.”

Brittney did what she thought she was supposed to do, went to university, got a degree, and started working in the corporate world.

“I remember people coming up to me at my corporate job counting down their days til retirement, feeling guilty for calling in sick and I remember thinking there has to be more out there than this. And it’s from that point everything changed.”

For Brittney, starting her business felt very natural from that point on. “I was running my own social media account and some local business’ had asked to take me out for wine to pick my brain about social media. I was so excited. I could talk about this stuff for hours, so we’d meet for a glass of wine and I’d pull out a napkin and draw out everything they needed to be doing online to see success... and they’d go implement it and see incredible results. From there, my name started getting passed around and before I knew it I was coaching people in business: new entrepreneurs who don’t have an established business, all the way to multi million dollar corporations,” she says.

Brittney also faced many challenges during her journey into what she is today. She had to deal with constantly being underestimated on her journey, including from family members who would even email her job ads while she was trying to build her business. “It takes strength and courage to step out and do something on your own and you’re already battling fears internally daily as an entrepreneur... so to have people close to you making comments like “she just works from home”, “It’s not a real job”, laughing at you behind your back, it makes it that much harder. I always tell people you can decide to let this crush you or use it as fuel to your fire. I decided on the latter. This is where the title for my podcast, Underestimate Me started,” she says.

This is why she stresses the importance of mindset. Brittney believes having the right mindset is vital, and the reason some people succeed and others don’t. “I used to brush off the mindset work, I was just so hungry for strategy. And when I finally decided to take my mindset seriously, that’s when everything changed for me,” she shares.

“I remember seeing a post online about the highest salaries in North America, one of the top salaries on the list was an anesthesiologist. I remember sending it to my parents, I don’t think it had really sunk in for me until that point the path to success I was on. Anesthesiologists, these are the highly successful people we look up to in society and here I was just a small town girl out earning these salaries,” she says.

Her next projects consist of keynote speaking engagements in 2021 and launching her new suite of online courses. She plans on continuing to expand her business and continue inspiring others, so that they too can build a business and life beyond their wildest dreams.

Photography by: Brittney Jones