Meet Josh Wilson: The Accomplished Producer Taking Over Europe


Meet Josh Wilson: The Accomplished Producer Taking Over Europe

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | May 19, 2022 | People Sponsored Post


All over the world, the digital industry has picked up the pace and begun flourishing immensely, all credit to the internet. People now understand their strengths and harness them properly, showcasing them through online platforms. However, this doesn't come as a walk in the park; it takes lots of effort and hard work.

Getting into the creative industry can be extremely tough since there is a lot of competition. The only way to cut through the stiff competition is by creating something unique and thinking out of the box. Producer, entrepreneur, and journalist Josh Wilson has accomplished a lot due to his resilience and persistence.

Josh has worked tirelessly to establish himself in the media space for quite a long time. He started as an actor and worked across the board- internationally to garner experience. From building an online publication to working as a journalist in the TV and Film sector, Josh got the chance to learn, write and even understand how the industry truly functioned.

After gaining the right level of expertise, Josh decided to move toward production. Initially, leaving a stable job in journalism didn't seem like the right decision since he had to support his family. Josh received his first investment and worked to gain his first commission through the production company, all within a year. This feat was truly amazing.

Josh and his team created a six-part series on Sky known as Mission Mudder. His agency funded this, and it was aired in more than 150 countries. Transitioning from a journalist to a producer was difficult. The company's financial situation was tough, a lot of pressure came onto Josh since he owned the business.

After a lot of hard work and dedication, Josh and his team were also able to accomplish a lot in a short period. Josh made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List and received the Charter Mark Award. He has been nicknamed "The Magnet" by the Crown Prince of Dubai - Sheik Hamdan. These achievements were a dream come true, and Josh is well deserving of them.

On a personal level, Josh has also launched a clothing line that became a household name. He also had the chance to travel the world. After extremely tough times, his efforts paid off, and things worked out in his favor in his personal and professional life. Trying times came- notable among these was the pandemic, which caused the company to downsize, but eventually, they managed to bounce back as a team.

Josh aspires to achieve a lot more in the future, and despite his current accomplishment, he doesn't relent on his oars. Being a man of dreams, he aspires even bigger; he is looking forward to producing High-end international drama series, alongside collaborating with Dubai to establish innovative companies and brands on a global scale.

Josh is a needle in a haystack, but they do exist. Josh's passion has been the major reason behind his success. His mindset has changed his life very positively.

Photography by: Courtesy of Josh Wilson