Miami Based Astrology Company is Helping Floridians


Miami Based Astrology Company is Helping Floridians

By: Imperium Group By: Imperium Group | November 4, 2022 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


Florida has been through the wringer more than a few times; the most recent source of devastation was September’s Hurricane Ian, a massive Category 4 Atlantic hurricane that proved the deadliest to strike Florida since 1935. Huge amounts of damage was caused across Cuba, South Carolina, and - of course - Florida. The hurricane left the affected area reeling, with at least 140 people dead, and over $67 billion in property damage, mostly from flooding, and particularly in Fort Myers Beach and Naples.

The storm left millions homeless or without power, with many seeking refuge on their own rooftops to escape the floods. Over 2.4 million in Florida alone were without power in the hurricane’s wake, and it’s estimated that many of the people still missing may be found dead. Homes were flattened; cars drowned in the deluge; boats (recreational and commercial) thrown around like toys. The damage is nearly unfathomable.

In the aftermath, as Florida struggles to rebuild, new challenges pop up all the time. Teachers are leaving the schools as their homes were destroyed and they’re forced to move. Hordes of mosquitoes have descended upon the standing water, a source of torment to the survivors. And even more dire, the families of the missing wait grimly for news of loved ones.

Faced with nowhere else to turn, distraught Floridians are seeking comfort anywhere they can - some with religion, some by pouring themselves into the effort to rebuild; but anyone can take a few minutes and find solace by reading their horoscope and looking to the stars.

The Pew Research Center conducted a poll in 2017 and found that nearly 30% of Americans have some belief in astrology - and about 70 million people in the US read their horoscope daily, according to the American Federation of Astrologers. For scoffers who question its accuracy, the question for Floridians right now is merely how much comfort it can bring in this time of trial.


Miami-based company is prepared to offer that comfort. “Our goal is to give our readers a well-founded view on Astrology, through content that will spark curiosity and remind every person that answers are out there, waiting to be discovered,” says company founder Israel Cohen. “In these difficult days for Florida, we have been reaching out to our neighbors to provide support in every way we can as our state rebuilds.”

The team of hardworking individuals at ZodiacSign has created a rich resource full of astrological tips and insights, utilizing everything from the star signs to Tarot. The site and associated apps, for both IOS and Android, provide a daily horoscope, as well as weekly and monthly horoscopes. With over 500k downloads and growing, it’s one of the most popular and most reliable astrology sources online - and being in the heart of Florida’s devastation, the company is exactly where it needs to be to help neighbors through the crisis.

To donate toward the hurricane relief in Florida, visit or text DISASTER to 20222. Donations to the Florida Disaster Fund are made to the Volunteer Florida Founda

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