Miami-Made: Varelli Jewelry

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2 - Miami-Made: Varelli Jewelry
Liliana Aguilera

From whimsical charms to chunky rings, Varelli jewelry has Miami style down to a science. We spoke to the local line's 32-year-old designer, Liliana Aguilera, to learn more about her inspiration and the next big jewelry trends.

Where did the name “Varelli” originate?
LILIANA AGUILERA: It’s a tribute to my sisters and the critical role that each of them has played in my life. It’s a combination of their names, which are Viviana, Ariana, and Eliana.

What makes your designs so special?
LA: I’ve found that my designs are most successful when they are the direct result of something that inspires me, such as love, my guardian angel, or a moment in my life that was particularly special for me.

1 - Miami-Made: Varelli Jewelry
Lucky Charm necklace ($75) by Varelli

How does your Brazilian and Bolivian heritage manifest itself in your collection?
LA: With nature. In a nutshell, Brazil contributes exoticism and Bolivia contributes romanticism.

What are your favorite materials to work with?
LA: I use 18K gold plate, cotton cords, leather, crocodile, and a variety of stones, such as turquoise, pink quartz, and amethyst.

What are the big jewelry trends this spring?
LA: Bright colors, exotic combinations, and bold pieces with contemporary flair.

What do you think is Miami's best-kept secret?
LA: Rik Rak Salon on Brickell Avenue. I just love to be pampered. [I can] have my hair done, while sipping champagne, followed by a little bit of shopping—all in the same place

Available at Aurum Collection, 5760 Sunset Dr., 305-668-0221;

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