Mohamed Rashid better known as Chatmo, is the sensation Creator to Watch out for


Mohamed Rashid better known as Chatmo, is the sensation Creator to Watch out for

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | June 22, 2022 | People Sponsored Post


Mohamed Rashid, notably known as Chatmo, is one of the fastest-rising content creators. The 21-year-old creator from Papendrecht is taking over the industry serving thousands with educative, inspirational, and entertaining content.

Chatmo's authenticity and consistency in what he does have earned him recognition in the industry. Among the many gratitude he has received is being nominated as the 'Best Talent' in 2020 by Dutch Stream Awards. Chatmo has also been shortlisted in the 'Best Gamer' 2022 by The Best Social Awards. Though he is yet to bag an award, he draws a lot of inspiration from the recognition. Its such small wins that keep him going, serving him with much-needed hunger for more success.

Chatmo was inspired by the sensational content creator, Qucee, who has over 800k subscribers on YouTube. Chatmo shares tons of admiration for Qucee as he is one of the tops innovative and creative creators in the industry. Being active across numerous social media platforms is one of the top lessons he learned from Qucee.

"He is also the one who taught me to be active on as many social media platforms as possible so that you establish your name in the scene. He is an idol of mine in this social media world, nowadays I also make videos with him which used to be a dream for me." Adds Chatmo

Chatmo now leverages multiple social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat to promote his YouTube channels. You'll receive regular updates on every new video he puts on YouTube on his socials. This has been his strategy for a while, enabling him to grow his audience to hundreds of thousands of followers. His channels are also gaining massive popularity with millions of views. Chatmo takes pride in having a diverse audience with subscribers from all over the country. This not only makes him a top creator but also one of the most prominent content creators in the Netherlands.

"I only started creating content on YouTube 2 years ago while I was still working on my studies. I am still following this study at school, so I am also combining this with my social media. But with hard work and dedication I have already built up a large platform via YouTube, with which I already entertain people. Nowadays I can inspire many young people who watch my YouTube videos." Chatmo explains

Chatmo also attributes his achievement to the hard work and numerous sacrifices he has made throughout his life. Social networking is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Some of these hypes and trends were difficult for Chatmo to adjust to. He was passionate about what he enjoyed but had to adapt to industry changes. Chatmo has improved his programming in this way, attracting new audiences to his presentations.

Chatmo aims to grow his content as he continues developing his fanbase. He hopes to accomplish more in the future years. He's also looking forward to working with larger groups, including some of the people he admired as a kid.

Photography by: Mohamed Rashid