New Spring Sakes at SushiSamba Dromo

—LIANA LOZADA | May 10, 2013 | The Latest Homepage Latest

1 - New Spring Sakes at SushiSamba Dromo

Through June 15, South Beach's SushiSamba Dromo is serving seven varieties of nama sakes, which are synonymous with springtime in Japan. Young and unpasteurized, nama sakes are characterized by their fresh, crisp notes of fruit (think citrus, melon, and berry) and grass. Selections on offer at SushiSamba were handpicked by beverage director Craig Tabandera to pair well with the restaurant's Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian fusion cuisine. For instance, the Kamikokoro Tokagen Tokubetsu Junmai Nama Genshu ($69 per bottle) boasts notes of white peach, lime, and bamboo and pairs nicely with sashimi or ceviche. Meanwhile, the Ichinokura Tokubetsu Junmai Nama Genshu Nigori ($85 per bottle) has a creamier mouthfeel with hints of mushroom, melon, and lemon and should be paired with richer flavors and equally creamy sauces. If you like lots of wasabi on your sushi, cut the heat with a can of full-bodied Kikusui Funaguchi Nama Honjozo Genshu ($14), imbued with flavors of chocolate and coconut and best enjoyed on the rocks. 600 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, 305-673-5337

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