Nicole Psomas: The Plastic Surgery Recovery Expert Trailblazes with Her Zoom Sessions.


Nicole Psomas: The Plastic Surgery Recovery Expert Trailblazes with Her Zoom Sessions.

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | June 8, 2022 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

The prep and recovery guru provides people the access to her Zoom sessions, ultimately to change the game in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.


It is so astounding to learn about individuals and professionals around the world who cross boundaries and gain excellence, to have the edge over their contemporaries, in their respective sectors. These professionals, experts, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, doctors, and other learned professionals, who ensure to question the norms, break stereotypes and climb their ladder of success by offering uniqueness to their target audiences and the people they serve. In the medical world, it is exciting to see the increase in the number of women trailblazing, and rising as leaders, in their industry. We couldn't help but notice the evident rise of one such well-recognized and rising personality named Nicole Psomas, a celebrated celebrity physical therapist and the one who is considered as a pioneer in plastic surgery recovery.

Nicole Psomas attained recognition in 2019 when she published her book "After the Cut: How to Prepare for and Recovery from Cosmetic Plastic Surgery" (@afterthecutbook). We asked her to explain what it is all about? To which she highlighted that "It is a first-of-its-kind how-to guide teaching the Psomas Method. It is a book that focuses on preparation and recovery after cosmetic plastic surgery, touching on topics that need people's attention." Nicole Psomas first explains how one can determine if the surgery is right for them. After that, she describes the realities of plastic surgery that many wouldn't know about, and then she goes ahead in teaching people how to prepare their mind, body, and home for surgery, explaining that those best prepared for surgery have better results.

The book has the power to empower people's minds by showing illustrated steps that can help patients play a substantial role in their own recovery. This allows the patient to be more confident about making those tough decisions in their life. Apart from this, Nicole Psomas is also the author of educational children's manuals, like "Welcome To The Burn Center" and "Home Exercise Program For Your Child After Heart Surgery."

We asked Nicole Psomas what really helped her remain in the news and headlines over the years? To which she replied, saying that it can be attributed to her 13 years of experience and expertise in the plastic surgery industry and her hands-on approach to safe treatments and procedures for each of her patients. As the pioneer of plastic surgery recovery - she has spent many years treating patients primarily in New York and New Jersey. With the publishing of her book she has reached national and international attention.

We interviewed her further, asking what garnered her even more headlines in recent times? Replying to the same, she said, "My Zoom sessions, where optimizing the digital space, I make sure to reach my patients to guide them and offer them the best treatments as a prep and recovery expert. Hence, patients all over the US and the world can have easy access to my Zoom sessions and gain answers to their questions and queries.”

So what is the Zoom call teaching about? "It is where I explain in detail the information my patients need to know regarding everything to prepare and recover from a cosmetic surgery/treatment. The Zoom sessions are tailored to their specific surgery and needs." There is a reason she is today an internationally-recognized celebrity physical therapist who simultaneously pioneered her preparation and recovery method for cosmetic plastic surgery while working with famed New York City surgeons.

On asking her about in which areas she specializes in the niche? Nicole Psomas highlights that it has been 13 long years in the field, and she has gained expertise in common surgeries like breast implants and breast reduction, liposuction, facelifts, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and much more. These experiences and her result-oriented surgeries gained her several celebrity clients as well, like actors, politicians, corporate CEOs, TV hosts, socialites, TV personalities, international figures, and many others.

Through her Zoom sessions, the plastic surgery guru now aims to reach more and more people to enlighten their minds about the preparation and recovery method for cosmetic plastic surgery as the preparation and recovery expert. Hence, people can easily have access to her over Zoom.

The award-winning author, physical therapist, and a top doctor is genuinely making a positive impact on people's lives through creating more awareness about preparation and recovery "After the Cut," which has what allowed her to become one of the most sought-after doctors in the field, where she is deservedly known as a plastic surgery recovery guru. You can reach her today by contacting her through Instagram or email.

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