What’s In The Name? OptionsSwing Inc. Explains Why Swing Trading is For Everyone


What's In The Name? OptionsSwing Inc. Explains Why Swing Trading is For Everyone

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Making short-term investments to earn quick capital has always been an attractive idea. Still, according to Investopedia, 63 percent of affluent millennials don’t feel knowledgeable enough to invest in the stock market. Companies like OptionsSwing have made it their goal to teach people with money to invest how to navigate swing and options trading, providing them with the knowledge and tools they need to feel confident enough to take charge of their financial futures. 

Day Trading vs. Swing Trading

The stock market isn’t black and white. There are several types of trading that a person can do. Day trading and swing trading are the two most popular types of short-term investment avenues. While a day trader often does full-time business from the quick trading of dozens of stocks and commodities that don’t last more than a day, a swing trader can get into trading stocks, commodities, or currencies that take place over a few days to a few weeks. Anyone with investment capital and some knowledge of the stock market can become a swing trader. Day trading requires in-depth knowledge and analysis of trading platforms, sophisticated charting software, and state-of-the-art computer systems.

Options and Swing Trading Inspired the Creation of OptionsSwing

Jason Lee, founder, and CEO of OptionsSwing, was inspired to start the business after discovering options trading and becoming hugely successful at it. He had already been trading stocks for years before learning about options and swing trading, which provided him with the volatility in the market he needed to make over $400,000 in one year while working full-time. Lee started texting his close friends with updates and insights into what he saw in the market. Eventually, it became too difficult for him to keep up with several text threads, which is when he decided to create @optionsswing on Instagram and share his knowledge with a broader audience. As the page became more popular, Jason realized he had a business opportunity in his hands and developed an entire educational system to teach others the ins-and-outs of swing and options trading. 

OptionsSwing Can Teach Anyone How to Be a Successful Trader

The OptionsSwing motto is “education first, profit second.” The OptionsSwing community spans many different walks of life; Lee says that anyone can be a successful trader with the proper knowledge. Lee says, “financial education is important for all ages, though there is a greater interest from younger people wanting to learn how to create a secondary stream of income. The older demographic seems to want to retire sooner.” 

Regardless of age or reason, Lee is confident that anyone can be a successful swing trader, especially if they follow the OptionsSwing system. The system teaches people how to trade instead of selling people the idea of a luxury lifestyle with no substance. OptionsSwing gives investors the chance to be part of a community where people share knowledge and help one another build the confidence they need to make smart investments. 

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