Oz Garcia Teams with James Royal Palm

—LIANA LOZADA | April 9, 2013 | The Latest Homepage Latest

1 - Oz Garcia Teams with James Royal Palm
Oz Garcia, Ph.D. at The James Royal Palm

With help from nutritionist Oz Garcia, Ph.D, The James Royal Palm's Renew the Spa has set itself apart from the dozens of spas that line Miami Beach. A leading voice in “healthy aging,” Garcia has authored best sellers like Look and Feel Fabulous Forever and The Balance. At The James, his meticulously designed nutritional programming utilizes one-on-one counseling sessions, all-natural spa treatments, healthy menu items, branded in-room products, and soon to launch Wellness Weekends.

Kicking off on May 17, the first Wellness Weekend will pack yoga, fitness classes, meditation, private meetings with Garcia, spa treatments, and themed lunches into a two and a half day stay at the hotel. Most exclusive are the private meetings, where Garcia helps clients understand the science of eating. “When it comes to eating and integration, I recommend strategies in terms of a bigger context that is lifestyle. I want anyone who is working with me to walk away understanding that they need to eat in a functional manner, so that food gives them energy, helps their metabolism, slows down the aging process, functions to help appearance, prevents disease, and aids in stress management. There are foods that work for you and against you,” says Garcia.

Even if you’re not taking in a day at the spa or participating in one of Garcia’s Wellness Weekends, you can still eat nutritiously at The James Royal Palms’ restaurants and coffee bar. Garcia worked with the hotel on providing healthy options like a granola parfait, green drinks, fresh fish, and organic chicken. “Many restaurants strive only to entertain you. They are not focused on the quality of food they are serving—non-GMO, organic, and so on. We have learned that people want to be entertained with their food, but if we can give them something that is actually good for them at the same time, that is what makes somewhere like the James so outstanding,” says Garcia. 1545 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 786-276-0291

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