Panther Coffee Hits South Beach

—jess swanson | February 25, 2013 | The Latest Homepage Latest

1 - Panther Coffee Hits South Beach
Panther Coffee in Wynwood.

With an established reputation in Wynwood’s epicenter, Panther Coffee has set its sights on the new high-style Sunset Harbor parking garage to caffeinate hip coffee aficionados on both sides of the bay. Opening next month, the new Purdy Avenue outpost is expected to attract devotees with the aromatic wafts of artisanal roasting.

In 2009, Joel and Leticia Pollock relocated from Portland to bring the joy of rare, meticulously roasted coffees to Miami. While the Pollocks acknowledged a void of their type of small-batch roasting, they never dismissed Miami’s coffee potential and preference for strong, dark coffees. (Think café Cubano.)

Panther’s caffeinated concoctions are executed like science with digital thermometers and scales for accuracy. Meticulous about the final product, Joel and Leticia have scoured the planet from Ethiopia to Guatemala for coffee beans with distinguished flavors stemming from unique micro-climates, altitudes, and the “hands of the producer.” With coffees from many different countries, Panther only features a selection of five or six at a time. “They rotate seasonally and stay fresh,” the Pollocks say. “We are very focused on coffee quality—it is the heart of our business, as well as treating people well, from the grower to the customer. We want the customers to learn as much as they want as they enjoy their coffee.”

Panther first opened its Wynwood doors for Art Basel Miami Beach in late 2010, and while the Pollocks never expected to branch out so soon, they explain that the West End location, with like-minded businesses sprouting up and passionate patrons living in the area, “was too much fun to pass up.” “Sunset Harbor is really growing right now. A great group of quality-driven local businesses have been locating nearby. We are delighted about this and can’t wait to be a part of it,” the Pollocks say. “As for new locations, we’ll see. We will keep balancing the fun projects that come our way with keeping the high-quality standards we’ve set for ourselves.”

Coffee is roasted fresh each morning in the Wynwood headquarters with their 1927 German roaster and will be delivered daily to the Sunset Harbor café. Expect the same high standards and ritual weekly coffee tastings, called “cuppings,” every Saturday at 3 p.m. 1900 Bay Road, Miami Beach

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