PJ Matlock Clocks 200 Days with No Losses Trading Stocks


PJ Matlock Clocks 200 Days with No Losses Trading Stocks

by Evan Arroyo by Evan Arroyo | May 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


The stock market is not for everyone and is well known for its competitive and unforgiving nature. It is among the few markets that can be ruthless to even the most experienced and experts in trading. The unpredictable nature of the stock market makes it even more challenging to trade. The number of successful individuals who have been successful in trading stocks to those who have given up is very few. To be a successful stock trader, you need to be more than committed. Resilience and the hunger for success should drive you to continuously look out for proven strategies.

PJ Matlock is an individual who has faced the storms of the stock markets and has sailed all through to success. Matlock is the CEO of Atlas Trading, one of the most prominent stock chat rooms in the world. He is also among the founding partners and helps oversee its daily operations. He spends most of his day either trading or managing the room. Matlock has successfully made huge profits throughout his career, but 2020 was the year that stands out. Just like any other trader, Matlock was trading stocks and decided to start a new small account with an investment of $30k. In less than six months, he made a $3 million profit and was continuing to be more successful.

Since then, Matlock has never incurred losses on any single day, and it's nearly 200 days and still counting. Still unbelievable, Matlock believes the success is due to his continuous learning efforts and desire to make money. He argues that trading stocks is more than a skill, and you need to focus more on learning and not just the money-making aspect. His secret to success is patience and persistence. There can never be room for failures, no matter the hardships and setbacks you face in the journey.

He recalls the advice from friends and people close to him urging him to quit. During the early stages of his career, he was constantly incurring losses but kept pushing. They could not understand why he had to continue despite regularly losing trades that threatened his financial stability. Matlock fell into mental and emotional turmoil. Trading stocks was the most complex and most challenging thing he had ever done in his life. The fact that others were making money trading stocks made him hold on and learn more. His efforts have paid off and now he is winning big.

Such success makes him stand out from the crowd, making thousands look up to him for advice and motivation. He has become a global star attracting a lot of people interested in trading stocks from around the world. The fame has also helped him create a massive social media following and he continues to receive a lot of messages from random traders around the world whom he had inspired. He loves helping others, offering free essential trading knowledge and guidance to those who reach out to him as he aims to build a community for everyone.

You can reach out to him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where he is very active.

Photography by: PJ Matlock